Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

The Dutch doctor who used his semen to make inseminations without warning is the father of 49 children | Society

The Dutch doctor who used his semen to make inseminations without warning is the father of 49 children | Society

Jan Karbaat, nicknamed in the Netherlands "the doctor inseminator", Has turned out to be the biological father of at least 49 children. The gynecologist, who died in 2017 at the age of 89, ran a fertility clinic for four decades Rotterdam, and when the treatment with his patients failed, he used his own semen hiding that it was not from an anonymous donor. This Friday, the DNA tests authorized by the courts have confirmed the suspicion of their offspring, which has been known through the case. Karbaat had 22 children of several sentimental couples.

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The analyzes have been carried out at the Canisius Wilhemina hospital in Nijmegen (in the south of the country), after one of Karbaat's legitimate scions agreed, in 2017, to cross their DNA with that of 18 of the children of the women treated in the paternal clinic. When those tests were positive, the other plaintiffs asked the judges for a sample of their supposed parent. "Several of the new children suspected Karbaat for years, and many resemble him physically, but knowing it was important, "said Ties van der Meer, of the Children of Donors Foundation, which has supported them.

From now on they will have to decide if they claim compensation from the family of Karbaat for the expenses that the process has caused them. Maybe also because of the emotional damage suffered. For some families it has been very hard, because Karbaat not only violated professional ethics. TWomen like their children believed that the father was anonymous, and that is why they have denounced the lack of controls in fertility clinics.

Moniek Wassenaar, one of the daughters who has now confirmed her affiliation, is a psychiatrist by profession and in 2017 assured EL PAÍS that the doctor took advantage of women like her mother. "They were in one of the most vulnerable moments of their lives, and convinced that the semen was an anonymous donor, so they did not ask anything. He played with them and never took into account the transcendence of their actions. " This Friday, Joey Hoofdman, another of the sons, and therefore brother of Moniek, hugged his new official relatives. Joey went to Dutch television in 2017 and told the story. His paternal resemblance is such that he waited until his mother died to investigate his origins and make himself known. In the eighties and nineties, some 6,000 women passed through the Karbaat fertility clinic, which produced nearly 10,000 children, according to the doctor. The success of their treatments explains in part that the patients did not ask when they saw that, after several failed attempts, with another donor they achieved the desired pregnancy.

For the legitimate son who agreed to provide his DNA, the result has not been a surprise either. He has made it known that his father entrusted him with "about 40 descendants" conceived by insemination of their patients. Karbaat was very successful because it worked for a wide range of patients, from stable couples with conception problems, to single women and lesbians. In 2009 he was forced to close the clinic when the sanitary inspection observed "serious administrative problems, with lack of adequate records and documentary disorder". The anonymous donation of semen for artificial insemination has been possible in the Netherlands since 1970. Since 2004, the children thus conceived have the right to request the information of their parent. On that date, with the change of law, all 16-year-olds could ask for the donor's passport at the center that cared for their mothers. A woman could not find her daughter's biological father, and that's where the inspection went in depth.


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