The Dukes of Sussex end cooperation with various tabloids

The Dukes of Sussex, Enrique and Meghan, who officially separated from the British monarchy last March, have informed several tabloids in the United Kingdom that they have decided to end all cooperation with them.

In a letter to the British newspapers "The Sun", "The Mirror", "The Mail" and "The Express", a representative of the dukes, who now live in California (USA), noted that they have taken the decision for the publication of "false" stories.

Last year, Queen Elizabeth II's grandson and former American actress Meghan Markle harshly criticized tabloid tabloids for publishing stories about the apparent strained relationship between the duchess and her father, Thomas Markle.

The dukes, who were married in 2018 and have a boy of almost a year, Archie, indicated that they have decided to end any type of collaboration considering that there is "distortion" in the stories.

A representative of the dukes added that it is "worrying" that an "influential" sector of the press has published false articles and added that "there is a real human cost for the way of doing this business and that affects every corner of society" .

"The Dukes of Sussex have observed that the lives of people they know, as well as unknown people, have been shattered without reason, by salacious gossip to improve advertising revenue," added the representative.

With this letter, reported by the BBC, the couple's public relations team will not answer calls from those tabloids, although the collaboration with other media will continue.


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