the drums are already prepared at the Teatro Real, Lotera Navidad 2018

Los bombos listos para el Sorteo de Navidad 2018

Thedrumsthat will share luck this Saturday December 22 in theExtraordinary Draw of the Christmas Lotterythey are in theRoyal Theater of Madrid, as reported by the State Society of Loteras y Apuestas del Estado (SELAE).

In this sense, Loteras has indicated that the hype of the numbers, the largest, will be in charge of collecting the 100,000 balls of numbers that will be drawn, while the small hype will contain the 1,807 balls of prizes, including that of theGordo prize to distribute 4 million eurosby series, that is 680 million euros.

Finally, the State Lottery Company recalled that the issuance of this year's raffle amounts to a total of 3,400 million euros, distributed in prizes 70% of the issuance, ie2,380 million euros.

This Saturday you can follow theDraw minute by minute in our directand know if you have been awarded in ournumber checker


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