July 24, 2021

The drama behind the mystery of the death of the Dutch family in Coín | Society

The drama behind the mystery of the death of the Dutch family in Coín | Society

What actually happened in the rural house of Coín (Málaga) where last Wednesday the bodies of three Dutch people were found – the husband, 62, his wife, 59 and the mother of 89, in advanced state of decomposition, remains a mystery, but the results of the autopsies and the investigation of the investigation allow to raise some veils that point to a terrible family and human drama.

The mother suffered from Alzheimer's disease and her daughter. In May, doctors who treated her for cancer had given her only four months to live. The old woman was the first to die and, according to the first indications, she did it by natural causes. His body was found shrouded. The investigators play with the hypothesis, according to knowledgeable sources of the case, that the man when finding the corpse of his mother-in-law, covered it to later seal the room with silicone. I would like to prevent him from piercing the stench of his death and thus hide the bad news from his sick wife.

It is still unknown if his wife also died naturally or if it was her husband who helped her to die. His body also showed no signs of violence. The only thing that is clear is that the man decided to end his life by hanging himself. No farewell note was found, but there was a handwritten paper detailing all of his personal belongings, according to sources in the case.

Whatever happened there, it happened in absolute solitude. The Dutch family moved to Coín six years ago and barely interacted with the neighbors, in part, perhaps, because the urbanization in which they lived in Partido Moretas was almost eight kilometers from the town. They are scattered houses and only accessible by solitary roads. They also chose to make a life apart. They used to go to a local parish, but there had been no one there for weeks, according to research sources.

It was the son of the owner of the house who found the corpses, when on Wednesday morning he decided to approach by taking months without knowing them. The advanced state of decomposition of the bodies indicates that the death occurred 15 or 20 days ago.


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