March 5, 2021

The Dr. Negrn Hospital, recognized among the nine best hospitals in Spain in Heart Failure – The Province

The Dr. Negrn Hospital, recognized among the nine best hospitals in Spain in Heart Failure - The Province

Service Cardiology of the University Hospital of Gran Canaria Dr. Negrín, assigned to the Ministry of Health of the Canary Islands Government, has been recognized by the Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC) for the service and quality of care provided to patients with heart diseases, through the Heart Failure Unit. The SEC has recognized a total of 37 hospitals in Spain, nine of them for the work done in heart failure. The Our Lady of La Candelaria University Hospital It has also received recognition for the integration of care between Primary Care and Specialized Care in cardiology.

The University Hospital of Gran Canaria Dr. Negrín has received the SEC-EXCELLENT accreditation in heart failure for meeting the quality standards in the care work of this disease, which affects 2.7% of the Spanish population over 45 years. Heart failure is a frequent clinical syndrome that represents the main diagnosis at hospital discharge in the Canary Islands, including the Dr. Negrín Hospital. The hospital stay associated with heart failure is usually prolonged (from eight to 15 days). The specialists believe that both the incidence, but especially the prevalence, will continue to grow taking into account the aging of the population.

It is a pathology that usually occurs in late ages with an average of 76 years and that affects men and women equally. The patients with heart failure who enter have a high prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors, such as diabetes, in 52.4% of cases. Likewise, more than half (60%) of the patients had previously been admitted for the same cause. Among the pathologies that cause the decompensation and entry of patients with this chronic disease are respiratory infections and arrhythmias, myocardial ischemia and anemia, among others.

The recognition to the specialized unit of heart failure of the Cardiology service of the Hospital Dr. Negrín accredits the work done to improve the management in the health area corresponding to this center. Heart failure units are divided into community, specialized and advanced units. Recognition as a specialized unit means that the hospital has the necessary skills and resources to address complex patients with heart failure (surgery, intervention, devices, etc.).

Care integration

For its part, the Hospital of La Candelaria received the SEC-PRIMARY seal, in addition to the care integration between Primary Care and Specialized Care in cardiology, for the efficient use of resources and continuous improvement both in follow-up and in communication between hospital cardiology and primary care. The Spanish Society of Cardiology is a non-profit scientific and professional organization dedicated to increasing the state of knowledge about the heart and circulatory system, to advance in the prevention and treatment of their diseases and to improve survival and quality of life of cardiac patients.


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