The Dpor requests the nullity of the file and the recusal of the judge of Social Discipline of LaLiga - The Province

He Sports presented this Monday allegations to the disciplinary file to Fuenlabrada opened by the Social Discipline judge of the Professional Football League, Manuel Rivero González, and of which the club from A Coruña had knowledge yesterday Sunday at 10.37, something "absolutely abnormal and apart from the usual procedural practices", according to what Deportivo reports in its brief, which asks extend the response period by ten business days "for not respecting the minimum term and generating absolute helplessness for Deportivo". In addition, the club requests the null and void of the file and its restart "for being contrary to the Bylaws of The league and other applicable regulations "and requests the recusal of the judge of Social Discipline of The league "for intimate friendship with the chief of staff of LaLiga", Víctor Manuel Martín Ortega.

On the other hand, the club from A Coruña requests that a copy of the minutes of a meeting supposedly held by the Monitoring Committee of the Coordination Agreement be provided. RFEF-LaLiga last Monday and attended by the Superior Council of sports in which the Depor-Fuenlabrada postponement. Deportivo defends that in the record provided as evidence to the file there are various irregularities that cannot prove its validity: it does not appear that the record and the agreements adopted have been approved by the RFEF being only signed by the representative of The league and, in addition, the meeting was chaired by Javier Tebas and there is no record that the first vice president of LaLiga attended, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, person to whom all the powers to make any decision regarding the Fuenlabrada would have been delegated due to the existence of a conflict of interest on the part of the LaLiga president.

El Dépor records yesterday's publication of Javier Thebes on his Twitter account to take responsibility for the decision that the Fuenlabrada travel to A Coruña and remember "that the president of LaLiga should refrain from exercising any type of action or decision before the Fuenlabrada by holding his son, Javier Tebas Llanas , the position of legal adviser and non-director secretary of the aforementioned club, delegating to the first vice president of LaLiga, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, any decision in this regard. " "How is it possible, therefore, that Javier Tebas Medrano has adopted the decision that Fuenlabrada also travel to the city of A Coruña, taking responsibility for such action?" Asks the legal advice of Deportivo.

Deportivo also notes that in the laboratory communications provided to the file "Recipients, dates or times are not specified." "It is a partial, biased and totally incomplete report," argue the club's legal services. "It is not usual, according to medical sources consulted, that nine hours have elapsed from the end of the tests carried out (08.35) to the warning that took place at 17.35. The average time to know the tests and the result of a test is 30 minutes. Why did such a delay occur without informing all the people, teams, public health authorities and private entities affected? "They ask.

The Deportivo brief also details the Fuenlabrada breaches of LaLiga regulations, which according to the Coruña club "has not adopted the security measures that were required of it, failing to fulfill its duties to ensure the correct development of the games without risks for the participants in them, including the Deportivo players, those of Fuenlabrada and the 300,000 inhabitants of the city of A Coruña who have been affected by their displacement. "


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