May 14, 2021

The Dpor changes the position of colista with Racing – La Provincia

Deportivo gave the red lantern to Racing Santander with a madness of Turkish Emre Çolak, who opened his second stage in Riazor with a goal and, instantly, an expulsion that forced his team to an effort for more than half an hour so that the comeback had a happy ending.

Deportivo premiered president, Fernando Vidal, shirt – recovered vertical stripes – and five and a half years later, Fernando Vázquez sat down again on the local bench in Riazor

Cejudo advanced to Racing with a tight shot to the right of Dani Giménez, Sabin Merino tied with an unattainable header for Luca Zidane and in the second half Çolak unleashed the delirium, so much that he was expelled.


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