September 18, 2020

The Dpor carries out a simultaneous pre-registration in Second and Second B – La Provincia

He Sports clings to the Second division convinced that it is the category in which it corresponds to compete next season, but at the same time complies with the provisions of the regulations in case it finally had to fall to Second B. The term open to clubs by the Real spanish soccer federation To sign up for official competitions at the state level ends today and Deportivo chose to complete a simultaneous pre-registration in both categories. In reality, what he did was speak with the Federation to have legal certainty that he will be able to compete the next campaign, be it in one category or another. They defend from the Plaza de Pontevedra that Dépor is still a Second team, as both the president publicly expressed, Fernando Vidal, like the coach, Fernando Vazquez, but at the same time they formalize this kind of simultaneous registration also in Second B for, in case the different judicial battles in which it is immersed fail, to be able to compete in it.

Dépor contacted the Federation, which is sensitive to its situation, such as that of the Numantia, Girona, Elche or Fuenlabrada, and transmitted a reassuring message in the sense that he will be able to compete next season, either in Second or Second B, depending on what justice decides on the different open fronts that the A Coruña club has.

The uncertainty about the category in which the Coruña team will start next season completely conditions sports planning And, whatever happens, it will leave the Blue and White club at a disadvantage compared to its rivals, regardless of whether it comes out in Second or Second B. It is not the same to build a squad for one category than for the other, nor is it the same It has nothing to do with the budget that Dépor would have in one or another step of Spanish football.

He time also plays against the club when it comes to retaining the players with contracts signed or approved, up to 17, to continue playing in Riazor in the Second Division. If Dépor finally falls out of professional football, it will have to build a squad practically from scratch and, even if it achieves permanence in the offices, the continuity of many players with contracts is at risk who, as the days progress, want put an end once and for all with the uncertainty about your future and definitely know where they will compete next season, whether at Dépor or at another club.


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