August 4, 2020

The Down Syndrome Association Tenerife wins the Acuorum Prize – La Provincia

As the force of a small drop of water capable of creating shock waves that connect people and continents. In this way, the Acuorum Iberoamericana Canaria de Agua Foundation was born in 2015, expanding the culture of water and values ​​such as sustainability, social commitment, cooperation and excellence in the Islands. This was revealed yesterday at the Acuorum Award ceremony, in the Literary Cabinet from the capital of Gran Canaria, which fell to the Trisomic Association 21 Down Tenerife.

The act, chaired by the president of the Canary Government, Ángel Victor Torres, the head of the Acuorum Foundation, Ángel Simón, and the president of the Canarian Parliament, Gustavo Matos, among other authorities, was marked by the Foundation's recognition of initiatives carried out by people or institutions of the Canary Islands, that contribute to the promotion of knowledge in all its fields (scientific, technical, social, artistic and humanistic).

With this philosophy comes the Acuorum Prize, endowed with 20,000 euros, which represents a value of the work carried out by the Down Syndrome Association Tenerife in its 26 years of history for the defense of the dignity of people with Down syndrome, from birth to old age, with the development of activities aimed at improving their autonomy and quality of life.

"More than the economic prize, which is a very generous amount that will help us a lot, it fills us with joy that they highlight and recognize our work. The Acuorum Prize will be a seal that we will carry for life and, in addition, will help us to reach homes and people who still don't know our work, "said Lorenzo Moreno, president of the Tinerfeña Association.


The prize will be allocated to the construction of the first specialized center in the Canary Islands for people with Down syndrome. "We already have the structure, and the prize will allow us to continue with the works of the center that will house nursery schools for people with Down syndrome, occupational centers and a residence for the elderly," said Jennifer Jerez, technician of the Down Syndrome Association Tenerife , responsible for collecting the award.

Complying with one of its strategic axes, in this first edition, the Acuorum Foundation gives a marked social character to the Prize. "The Down Tenerife Association has contributed significantly to the development of people with Down syndrome, favoring their full inclusion in society. We understand that the Acuorum Foundation must support this type of institutions of maximum prestige and that they have developed such a significant work in the social field, "said the Vice President of the Foundation, José Sintes.

The act, held in the Literary Cabinet, started with a video about the activity carried out in the Islands by the Acuorum Iberoamericana Canaria Water Foundation since it was born in 2015, with the aim of launching initiatives in favor of improving people's well-being and quality of life , as well as the development of knowledge, talent, innovation and sustainability. In this period of time, it has carried out educational, social and cultural projects from which some 16,000 people have benefited.

Actions that have always had as a compass the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, around five axes of work: reduction of inequalities, universal access to water and sanitation, promotion of quality education, the fight against change climate, and the search for alliances, business and institutional that contribute to achieving these objectives.

A diploma of excellence was also given to Jiawei Huang and Stefan Wilhelmolof Barner-Rasmussen, students of the IES Los Cristianos (Tenerife) who obtained the best results in the project Mathematical Kangaroo, created by the Acuorum Foundation to promote mathematics studies and improve results in this area. Also awarded diplomas of excellence to the four students who finished 2nd International Baccalaureate under the program of Talent Scholarships granted by the Foundation, and that this year has been extended to university studies. It was received by students Arminda Trujillo, Melba Pérez, Samuel Gómez and Iriome Galván.

Finally, the Acuorum Foundation delivered two awards in order to highlight the work carried out by people and institutions with which it collaborates to improve the lives of many people. In this first edition they fell on a historical institution in the Canary Islands such as Radio Ecca and the specialist in education and director from the Heidelberg school, Miguel Ángel Montenegro.

For his part, the president of the Acuorum Foundation, Ángel Simón highlighted the institution's commitment to face challenges such as climate change, technologies and the circular economy. "All of this we are going to address, promoting education in equal opportunities."

The President of the Government closed the event by highlighting the work carried out by the Acuorum Foundation for excellence education. In addition to congratulating the winners, stressed the importance of working in partnerships to meet the challenges of education and climate change.

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