September 20, 2020

The Dow Jones climbs 400 points for the "good" march of the commercial round

Wall Street opened up optimistic this Friday and its main indicator, the Dow Jones of Industrials, rose about 400 points in reaction to the "good" progress of the trade talks between the United States and China, according to President Donald Trump said this morning.

About an hour and a half after the bell rang in the New York parquet, the Dow Jones progressed 1.50% or 398.20 points, up to 26,894.87, especially driven by the Dow industrial companies (4.76%) and Caterpillar (4.67%), sensitive to commercial tensions.

Trump announced Thursday that he would meet with Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Liu He today, and this morning he wrote on his Twitter account that "good things are happening at the trade talks meeting with China" and he has "warmer feelings than recently, as in the old days. "

"I will meet with the Deputy Prime Minister today! And I would like to see something significant happen!", He added in his message, about the meeting that will take place this afternoon with number two of the Chinese Government.

He later conveyed that "one of the great things about the agreement with China is the fact that, for various reasons, we do not have to go through the long and politically complex process of congressional approval. When the agreement is completely negotiated, I will sign it. same on behalf of our country, fast and clean!

The selective S&P 500 advanced at this time by 1.54% or 45.13 points, up to 2,983.26, and the Nasdaq market composite index progressed a remarkable 1.81% or 143.61 points, to 8,094.39 thanks to big technology like Apple (1.69%), Amazon (1.36%) and Alphabet (1.37%).

Most of the sectors were green, led by the basic materials (2.26%) and industrial (2.22%), followed by the financial (1.94%) and the technological (1.88% ).

The tariff war that both countries have maintained for months, with crossed tariffs worth billions of dollars, is a constant concern for stock markets, which fear global economic cooling and loose corporate results.

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