Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

The doodle of the Bauhaus

The doodle of the Bauhaus

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One hundred years ago an institution was created in the German city of Weimar that would change the paradigm of art and that would represent a revolution in terms of design and industrial creation. It's about the school of the Bauhaus, to which they belonged famous artists such as Wassily Kandisnky, Paul Klee or László Moholy-Nagy, among many others, and to which today Google devotes a doodle in his honor.

Founded by Walter Gropius in 1919, the school was officially dissolved in 1933 under the pressure of the Nazis, but not before having joined two concepts that seemed totally alien to each other: art and practicality. Thus, it was a pioneer in artistic creations that, in addition to being cataloged as such, sought their functionality in an attempt to break the barriers between crafts and art. All this, of course, with a strong focus that longed for the social implications of this linkage. Based in Dessau after Weimar and, finally, in Berlin, the Bauhauss pursued the aspiration to generate something for the general public.

Pioneer in branches such as graphic and industrial design, today Google commemorates its ideals on the screen of our browsers through an interactive internet search engine full of color and geometric figures, with certain architectural elements that evoke the facade of the institution and that seeks remind us that, in its short existence, that school marked a before and after in our history.


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