The Dominio del Pidio wineries launch business in the metaverse

Óscar Aragón, winemaker and technical director of the Dominio del Pidio winery.

They are the first in the wine sector in Spain to show their underground universe in an innovative virtual space


The Dominio del Pidio winery becomes a pioneer in the use of new technologies to offer a new experience to its customers. The firm becomes the first in the industry to bring its underground universe into the metaverse, allowing its users to visit this ancient winemaking site, purchase products through its state-of-the-art connected experience, enjoy events in an environment made by and for wine lovers, and connect with people with similar interests.

Dominio del Pidio has become the first winery in Spain to offer a totally immersive experience, among its centenary cellars, thanks to metaverse technology, developed by the technology company Ole Digital Solutions.

Through the construction of a digital twin of the wineries owned by the Aragón family -linked for generations with the wine sector in Ribera del Duero-, users can enter the centuries-old wineries with their own avatar from their mobile phones to devices of virtual reality.

The founder and CEO of Ole Digital Solutions, Ana Velayos, explains that "as the technology of the metaverse advances, the borders between the virtual world and the real world are becoming blurred and this project allows us to respond to the demand for discover new places, people and cultures and, of course, value something as special and unique as the wine sector in Spain».

The project has had several phases until the construction of a digital replica of the 2,800 meters of the winery and it is available on the Spatial platform. The first phase consisted of the conceptualization of the record of sketches and annotations of the space, through technologies such as Procreate or Paper, until reaching 3D modeling with more exact references, for which the Sharp 3D tool has been used.

During the third phase, the three-dimensional world of Dominio has been "brought to life" with the professional tools Blender and Unity, with the aim of recreating the textures and light effects of the winery and achieving an even more real experience.

As they point out from Ole Digital Solutions, «what is interesting about this new technology is not only the construction of a real world in the digital context, but also that, as technology advances, endless possibilities are opened up for various visitors to coexist in the same digital stage and design events with infinite possibilities, from virtual tastings, exhibitions or concerts».


This winery was born in 2006 with the aim of rescuing traditional values ​​in winemaking in Quintana del Pidio, Burgos. The municipality, whose future was marked by its ties to the Santo Domingo de Silos Monastery, was for centuries the pantry that supplied wine to Castilian knights, abbots and warriors.

Proof of this is the underground labyrinth that makes its way under the ground of Quintana del Pidio and, after centuries of deep lethargy, was reborn in part with Dominio del Pidio. The Aragón family opted to recover the cultural heritage of the municipality with the rehabilitation of a historic neighborhood of wineries, dating from the 16th century, where their wines currently age.

«Dominio del Pidio is much more than a winery: we combine ethnographic and viticultural roots. We understand that we must look to the past in order to build the future, in a transversal way: from respect for the soil that feeds our vines, the recovery of native grapes or winemaking methods", says Roberto Aragón, commercial director of the winery. .

«This philosophy now takes on a new dimension with the metaverse, which gives us the opportunity for the history of wine, a cultural heritage that belongs to us all, to converge with our present and future, through a technology that allows us to experiment, discover , connect and live new experiences”, he adds.

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