May 12, 2021

«The dome of Iberdrola is not dedicated to spying on anyone»




The president of Iberdrola, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, has passed through the microphones of "Herrera in COPE" and stated emphatically about the alleged relationship of the company with companies of the ex-commissioner José Manuel Villarejo that "the dome" of the energy company "is not dedicated to spying on anyone."

Galán has defended that Iberdrola has a system of "very solid" corporate and compliance governance and that, after knowing the information about the alleged espionage that the retired commissioner and in provisional prison would have carried out on different occasions on behalf of the energy company, an investigation had been carried out with internal and external means in which «Nothing found that does not conform to the law».

The top executive of Iberdrola has reiterated his desire that there be in this process, opened by the judge of the National Court Manuel García Castellón within the Tandem macrocause, «Maximum transparency», for which Iberdrola asked last week to appear in one of the pieces, and that «Do not prevent everything published by the media from being published».

Specific, Iberdrola appeared as interested in the open piece by the Central Court of Instruction number 6 of the National Court around the portal ''. In parallel, the judge investigates the contracts of Villarejo and the electrical one, in interlocution with his head of Security, Antonio Asenjo. This part of the Tandem macrocause is also under secret. In this piece, the 17, ACS President Florentino Pérez, is personified as injured, since among those orders would be to attack their interests.

In this sense, Galán has affirmed that «on this issue it seems that many companies had some kind of relationship with the companies of this man, and It is good that we all know and know what has happened and act accordingly »

In this regard, Galán stressed that Iberdrola has acted "accordingly" and proceeded to analyze "in and out all our issues, and we have not found anything that does not conform to the law ». The head of Iberdrola has added that «We are collaborating with Justice for all the information you need to do the research you have to do ».

In this way, the president of Iberdrola has asked that “the issue be followed and we all learn from a situation like the one that is taking place, which it is not coincidentally very fortunate for the image of the country ».

On climate change and the summit that is inaugurated on Monday, anchez Galán has considered that this event is «a great opportunity »to reduce emissions with everything that "entails industrial opportunities." Galán recalled that Spain does not have oil fields or coal, nor gas or sun, among other sources of energy. For this reason, for the president of Iberdrola, the summit will put in value all "an electric industry" in which his company has invested to boost wind energy. "It will give a very important industrial opportunity for Spain," he said.

However, Galán has been very concerned about the deterioration of the climate: «Time is running out and or we run or it can be irreversible», said the manager, because the environmental situation "is no longer a problem of CO emisiones emissions, it is a problem of environmental pollution in cities." At the same time, it has focused on the development of diseases such as bronchiolitis.


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