The dollar loses ground against the euro and the rest of the highlighted currencies

The dollar loses ground against the euro and the rest of the highlighted currencies

New York, Dec 24 (EFEU) .- The dollar lost ground today against the euro and against the other major currencies, in a day of widespread collapse of the securities and oil markets in the United States, in which investors have I fled the greenback as a refuge.

At the end of the session in the markets of New York, a dollar was changed to 0.8777 euros compared to 0.8794 last session, and one euro today was paid $ 1.1440.

The dollar also returned sharply against the pound sterling, the Swiss franc, the Mexican peso, the Canadian dollar and the Japanese currency, closing at a rate of 110.45 yen per dollar.

The US dollar plummeted on Monday due to concerns over the prolonged US government shutdown. and the bearish tensions on the New York Stock Exchange, where today was the worst Christmas Eve session in history in the most ominous month of December since the Great Depression.

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Sunday he had held a series of telephone conversations with the heads of the six largest banks in the United States in an attempt to calm investors bewildered by the collapse of the stock market .

In addition, the US president, Donald Trump, blamed the president of the Reserca Federal, Jerome Powell, the situation in the markets after raising interest rates, a new gesture of aggression that does not seem to have helped to calm the investors.

In this context, the dollar ended like this against the main currencies:


—— —— ——–

EURO / DOLLAR 1,1408 1,1370

DOLLAR / YEN 110.45 111.22

DOLLAR / LIBRA 0.7870 0.7915

DOLLAR / SWISS FRANCO 0.9872 0.9952

DOLLAR / DOLLAR CANADA 1,3600 1,3602

DOLLAR / WEIGHT MEX. 19,873 19,940


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