The dogs rescued from the lava on La Palma are in “perfect condition”

The animals are fine and most of them identified.

The dogs trapped by lava in Todoque (La Palma), who were rescued by a group of anonymous people before a drone company did, they are in “perfect condition” and “were previously in good health”.

This was stated this Monday by the general director of Animal Rights, Sergio García, who points out that “now what remains is to determine what to do with them“, a decision that” will correspond to the competent administration, the Cabildo in this case, based on the report made by Seprona. ”

“I understand that the review of the animals will be carried out by the veterinarians who are collaborating with the Volcanic Emergency Plan of the Canary Islands (Pevolca)”, stated García, who considers that “once it is determined that they are physically well, the SepronaAs the competent authority, you will have to determine what to do with them. ”

In this case, according to García, “the animals are fine for what they tell and most of them are identified”, so “they will surely return to their owners.”

It is, he has specified, “six dogs as far as we know” and “we have no idea how the rescue went”What he knows is that “in this case they called veterinarians, gave a location and the animals were there outside the danger zone, the lava zone where they had been confined.”

From there, it indicates, “Everything else may be speculation and I think there will come a day when we find out how it all went.”

“What really matters to me is that the animals are fine, that their situation is good, along with the rest of the animals that have suffered as well as the thousands of people, due to the situation La Palma is in right now “, has declared.

Thus, “now it’s time to help and do everything possible so that these animals are as good as possible and, of course, the people, who in this case many times had to leave them behind, “he added.

The investigation of the rescue of the animals is a question that “in this case has to be carried out by the competent administration, which would be the Civil Guard, Seprona or the National Police,” García said.

“Our competence is not to investigate who got them from there, but to know that they are well and to help them as much as possible”, as well as “the other approximately one hundred animals that are currently in the improvised animal protection center, which has been created in Los Llanos to help them because they were lost or had fled, “he said.


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