the dog that smelled Gabriel looks for evidence

the dog that smelled Gabriel looks for evidence

Marley and Athor are two "guards" experts in finding biological remains. They are about three years old and are about to enter the house of Bernardo Montoya for the second time. They are the "number one" of the Cytological Service of the Civil Guard, specialists in "marking" a drop of blood even if they have cleaned with all imaginable products. They were already in the cases of Diana Quer, Gabriel and the disappeared of Asturias. Marley is a water dog that is three and a half years old and was the one who found the remains of the little Gabriel Cruz in Almeria. He is proudly told by his caretaker Juanma, agent of the Benemérita. Athor, who will be three years old, has just returned from Ibiza and was the one who helped solve the crime of one of the missing women in Asturias, who had killed her boyfriend at home. The daily routine of these dogs allows their specialization. "Every day they go for a walk and training. Every day we are making the tests a little more difficult, so they always go a little bit ahead of the cases in which we usually work ", explains Israel, in charge of Athor.

They arrived on Sunday in Huelva and now they will enter the home of Bernardo Montoya, the number 1 of the street Cordova of the Campillo, just in front of the house of its victim Laura Luelmo. The reconstruction of the facts has begun at the arrival of the detainee, at about 1:15 p.m., with the cries of "assassin!" From the dozens of villagers who had concentrated around the three accesses to the city. street, cordoned off by the Civil Guard. First, Eye Inspection agents work in the place and then the dogs will enter. They did it yesterday, when the suspect's house was searched because it is not ruled out that he put Laura in his house, although he has confessed that he hit her with his car and put her in the trunk. The dogs, however, yesterday marked several points in the house of Montoya.

These dogs, traineds differentiate biological remains of living or deceased people, a key nuance in cases of catastrophes. In addition, they differentiate between animal or human blood. There are also specialist dogs to smell submerged people, paper money, chemical accelerators in fires ... Now they can be key again to clarify the crime of the young woman from Zamora.


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