The dog, one more in the office

The dog, one more in the office


Dora accompanies her owner almost daily to work. This bitch, adopted a year ago by Montserrat Arias, director and founder of Bemypartner, is one more in the office. Or rather, it is the star of the office. «Generates very good atmosphere and my colleagues ask me to bring it», owns its owner ABC Company. The first days of Dora were not easy, "she is very scared, and we have lived her evolution, unites a lot to the team, as it happens in the family", he adds. This dog accompanies Montserrat everywhere, is quiet and does not give any problem.

Like Dora, many other dogs go to work with their master, and as the years go by, the number will increase. Nestlé Purina has launched a program, Pet at Work, with which it hopes to help companies turn their offices into dog-friendly spaces, making it easier for employees to take their pets to work. "We conducted a study in eight European countries to understand what society demanded and the results were spectacular. 74% of workers who have dogs would be happy to take him to work. And in the case of millennials, the percentage rose to 83%, "he explains. ABC Xavier Pérez communication and marketing director of Nestlé Purina Spain. In the office of this company in Barcelona they have been living with their employees' pets for two years and the experience is very good. With this program "we help companies make the transition to turn their offices into pet-friendly places," he adds.

Some coworking spaces already allow pets, something much appreciated by the millennials

How does going to work with the dog affect an office? How does it become a dog-friendly space? "We must take into account several aspects, including the presence of animals does not affect employees. There are people who may have a phobia of dogs or even allergies. We want that the benefits it brings will not turn into prejudices, "explains Xavier Pérez. Nestlé Purina has a protocol to carry out this transition. "An association evaluates the dogs to see if they are sociable and know how to behave with other dogs, in addition to confirming the subject of vaccination," he adds. Among the most positive aspects of this initiative since Purina remember that «The most important thing for employees is to know that they can take their dog whenever they want, that is the real benefit. It supposes an important emotional relief because he feels guilty of leaving him alone and when working you are thinking about the dog, "says Xavier. He believes that with common sense this experience works very well and the dogs that participate "are respectful and educated". Their masters, according to the studies, work better, more inspired and a greater fidelity with the company is created.

The project was presented a few weeks ago to large companies from many different sectors, including Bayern, Fujifilm, Sabadell, Privalia, Granini and Page Group. "There was a very positive reception from the companies. It is one more barrier that is saved as in the day was the tie, "recalls the head of communication of Nestle Purina Spain. They have set a goal to achieve ten dog-friendly companies this year to grow little by little in successive years.

One more in the team

Jordi Urbea, Director General of Ogilvy Barcelona, ​​is passionate about animals and naturally in his office, where 170 people work, was giving his workers permission to appear with their pet, if necessary. When he learned about the Pet at Work program, he became associated with it, just like the aforementioned company Bemypartner. «Of 170 workers only 3 put problems, one for having panic and was changed floor, and two for allergies that ended up being psychosomatic ", explains Jordi to ABC Empresa. Dogs can access the office for 50% of the elevators and are prohibited from entering the meeting rooms and common areas such as the kitchen. "They live happily, there is a good atmosphere and productivity is great."

In some coworking dogs are allowed, as is the case of La Cow, in Madrid, with an area of ​​145 square meters divided into thirteen jobs. Open four years ago, "is an idea that was within the initial approach", says the manager, Pablo Saracho. He himself is often accompanied by one of his two dogs. Also one of the tenants, who has a greyhound, already older, and another who plans to be accompanied by his grandmother's farmer, who has just passed away. "People seem fine, and dogs end up being one more, they are at your service."


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