the documents that prove the silence of the Vatican in cases of sexual abuse

"Your Eminence, this congregation, after having carefully studied the case of the priest of your diocese that you have presented to them, Bernard Preynat, has decided to entrust you with the task of taking the appropriate disciplinary measures, avoiding public scandal, on the understanding that, in these conditions, he cannot be entrusted with another pastoral ministry that includes possible contact with minors". The Spanish Cardinal Luis Francisco Ladaria, current prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, ordered in 2015 "to avoid public scandal" in the case of the French predatory priest, who confessed that he raped, for years, four or five minors a week, and that in 2020 he was sentenced by the French Justice to five years in prison.

The victim of sexual abuse at the Opus Dei Gaztelueta school speaks: "I wouldn't be surprised if there were more cases.  Don't be afraid to tell"

The victim of sexual abuse at Opus Dei's Gaztelueta school speaks: "I wouldn't be surprised if there were more cases. You don't have to be afraid to tell about it"

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The case, which ended the ecclesiastical career of Cardinal Barbarin (convicted in the first instance for cover-up, although later exonerated) is not the only one, but an example of the 'system of silence' that, for years, prevailed in the Vatican, and which consisted of transferring the abuser and washing the dirty laundry at home , without requiring the complaint before the Justice.

The complaint, published today by the journalist Emiliano Fittipaldi in Domani, highlights the existence, for decades, of a 'system of silence', whose echoes still persist today in certain spheres of the Catholic Church. Along with the 2015 letter, the weekly publishes another similar one, this time from 2012, in reference to another abusive priest, Don Trotta. In this case, the dynamic followed by Ladaria (during the pontificate of Benedict XVI secretary of the Doctrine of the Faith and, since 2017, already prefect) was the same: "avoid public scandal" and grant the cleric "another ministry that does not entail contact with minors.

Only in this case, Trotta was sent without informing anyone of his background to Lucera, a town in the province of Foggia. There with total impunity, he became the coach of a soccer team. Between 2014 and 2015 he raped ten children, and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. "Probably, if the religious and Vatican authorities had denounced what they knew, they would have prevented this violence," Fittipaldi denounces.

The "Gaztelueta case"

In our borders, Ladaria's theses also did their job. Thus, in October 2015, the current prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith ordered "to restore the good name and fame of the accused", an Opus Dei supernumerary accused of abuse at the Gaztelueta school, "without proceeding subsequently, no other measure in relation to said person". This teacher was sentenced, first, to nine years in prison, by the Provincial Court of Bizkaia, and later to two years by the Supreme Court. He is, therefore, a pederast firmly convicted by the Spanish Justice, which has shown that he abused Juan Cuatrecasas jr. at the Gaztelueta school. Seven years later, the cardinal still has not rectified or restored "the good name and fame" of the victim.

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His father, Juan Cuatrecasas, does not bite his tongue. "Finally, justice is done with the passivity, cover-up and complicity of this character, who has not only lied to all Christians with these serious crimes, but also today continues to maintain that the 'good name' of a pedophile sentenced to two years for abusing a minor in a school without blushing skipping an instruction order, a sentence from the Provincial Court of Vizcaya and another from the Supreme Court.

"Justice is done and now everyone knows what he did and has continued to do: steal a plot to continue destroying the name of a victim of sexual abuse, my son. Now everyone knows who he is, the one with the good name, my son Juan Cuatrecasas Cuevas," says his father. "Badly despite the negationist hierarchy. The whole town already knows it. The joke is over, yours. A macabre joke unbecoming of a prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith."

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