The documentary 'Fake famous' shows how an 'influencer' is created

Promotional poster for & # 039; Fake famous & # 039;

Promotional poster for 'Fake famous'

New York Times and Vanity Fair journalist Nick Bilton makes directorial debut with 'Fake famous', a documentary that will premiere on February 3 on HBO and that investigates the current obsession with networks social networks through an experiment of 'creation' of 'influencers'.

Together with a team of social media experts, casting agents and stylists, Bilton recruits three guys from Los Angeles and introduces them to the wonders and horrors of digital fame with fake photoshoots and buying followers who are actually 'bots'. The journalist's purpose is to analyze what fame and influence are in the digital age, HBO said in a statement on Tuesday.

The chosen ones are an aspiring actress, Dominique; a fashion designer, Chris, and a real estate consultant, Wylie, who happen to have vastly different experiences as your fake followers grow by the thousands every day.

As a result of this false fame, the new 'influencers' begin to be contacted by brands eager to promote their products and services, a process that is repeatedly fed back, so they begin to receive them for free and fantasy begins to acquire dyes of reality.


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