July 11, 2020

The doctors of Las Palmas remember that they are not obliged to justify a school absence – La Provincia

The Medical College of Las Palmas recalled that professionals have no responsibility or obligation to justify school absences, since under current legislation, school absences of minors are only justified by their parents, representatives or legal guardians.

In a statement, the Institution recalled that doctors, especially Primary Care, throughout the school year they receive a "constant drip" of requests in consultation in which they are required to complete a proof for a school absence.

In this regard, the secretary general of the College of Physicians, Marta León, has said that "this scenario happens too often and is one more reason to cause greater congestion in the already saturated Primary Care consultations ".

In this regard, he has insisted that the parents are responsible and that the professional can attest to a current and contemporary state of health, "But he will not make a proof."

He added that school absenteeism manifests itself as a social problem in which the educational center and social services are involved. "An assessment of matters of a social nature or any other nature is not required for the medical figure, since it is foreign to the medical act ", Leon stressed.

The Medical Certificates are an official document so they must comply with guidelines for their completion, for example: only one per patient, can not contain cross-outs, it is not mandatory to have the doctor's seal but it is mandatory that your signature be, name complete and collegiate number (with 9 digits), etc.

In the province of Las Palmas it can be obtained at any of the three headquarters of the Medical College of Las Palmas and also in the more than 140 points of sale distributed throughout Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

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