The DN7 Festival will bring to Gáldar the stars of 'La Reina del Flow', Nio García, the DJ from Hormiguero and talent from the Canary Islands

Carlos Torres with Teodoro Sosa.

On July 23, Gáldar will host the DN7 Festival, within the framework of the Santiago 2022 Festivities, which will bring the stars of the successful series 'La Reina del Flow' to the municipality, including its leading actor, Carlos Torres, who will be the host of the event, as well as Kiño, Juan Palau and Kevin Bury, singers and actors from the Colombian telenovela that has been one of the most watched content in the history of the Netflix platform.

CANARY ISLANDS7 The Gran Canarian palms

orres was present this monday at the presentation of the Festivalwhich took place in the Sala Sábor of the Town Hall and was carried out by the mayor, Teodoro Sosa, the councilor for Culture and Festivals, Julio Mateo, and David Navarro, producer of the event.

The event will also feature Nio García, author of the musical hit 'Te boté', among others, and DJ Valdi, the DJ of the Antena 3 program El Hormiguero. But in addition to national and international stars, the Festival will have two Canarian talents like Leyvan, who at only twelve years old has already collaborated with Rosalía on a song from her latest album, by Juanfran, an artist who also participated in La Reina del Flow ,
as well as with Ariann Music, and Adexe and Nauthese last three from Tenerie and that have millions of followers and their content millions of views on social networks.

The event will take place at the La Quinta venue, which has recently hosted the Gáldar Pride and the La Guancha Festival with the influx of thousands of people. For the DN7 Festival
the capacity will be 6,000 people and a package of a thousand tickets will go on sale this Tuesday afternoon through the website. The rest of the tickets will go on sale from Monday, both online on said website and physically in the Base and B2 stores.

Teodoro Sosa, mayor of Gáldar, highlighted at a press conference the mix of international and Canarian talent due to the presence of young artists who "have a great impact in other countries and, for whatever reason,
they have not had the opportunities and the treatment they deserve in our Archipelago».

«The easy thing is to go to the Gran Canaria Arena where you have availability and you can make this concert profitable. The production company is taking a risk but it shows that there is life beyond the big cities, that the north exists and I am sure that the venue will be filled and people will come from all over Gran Canaria”, valued the mayor.
"All this consolidates our municipality as a very attractive destination for producers who want to bring top-level artists to the Canary Islands"he continued.

Charles Torres, who is in Lanzarote in the middle of filming, assured that "it is a pleasure to be here" and stressed that the producer, David Navarro, wanted an event of this magnitude to be held "in his land". In addition, he was "pleasantly surprised by the affection of the people since I set foot in Spain" and guaranteed that on July 23 "we are going to have a great time around music, we are going with all the good attitude and I am very anxious that the day and that a good party arrives». Torres attended the Plaza de Santiago after the press conference to dozens of followers who came to take a photo with him.

For its part,
Julio Mateo, Councilor for Culture and Festivalsstressed that this Festival «is possible thanks to the production company DN7 but I want to go further back and remember the work that has been done in the City Council by our mayor and the Councilor for Urban Planning, Heriberto Reyes, because we have been working for many years so that this city had a venue that would allow hosting events of this type and now we are finally going to do it».

«With that idea, David Navarro trusted Gáldar and told me about the possibility of taking this Festival to our municipality. Obviously it cannot be done for free due to the pull of these artists and because it would fill up in five minutes, "continued Julio Mateo, who stressed that that same night, as is tradition, the floats will be held, the concert of the Music Band and later the Festival will start in La Quinta.

Likewise, he anticipated that in the Fiestas de Santiago the events will combine the
The Fifth with the Plaza de Santiago and that they have been working for two months "with maximum intensity" to make them "the best in history." It will be next June 25 at 8:00 p.m. when the Major Festivals of Santiago are presented.

David Navarro, finally, thanked the City Council and encouraged them to attend the concert. "It will be a unique moment, very fun, families will be able to enjoy many hours of spectacle and color from Colombia, Puerto Rico and passing through the Canary Islands," he said.

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