April 15, 2021

The disorder of names | Culture

The disorder of names | Culture

Among the adjectives that Pablo Casado dedicated to Pedro Sánchez on Wednesday, the word felón catches much attention. The word that unleashed the staged drama as the general rehearsal of a manifestation of repudiation is a harmless good, rapporteur. The RAE applies "to the person who relates an event, who in a congress or assembly makes a list of matters dealt with, as well as the corresponding deliberations and agreements", and clarifies "that, in European courts, refers to the lawyer whose office is make a list of the cars or files ".

Since the Vice President of the Government thought to mention it to explain that this could be called the intermediary of the conversations between Catalan political parties rapporteur has reached the stench of the devil himself. God who armed himself, who would say Paco Candel, Catalan of Murcia, by the way, persecuted for having told how they lived in a poor neighborhood of Barcelona.

Although Carmen Calvo explained that neither the rapporteur was going to be a foreigner nor the issue was the relations between governments, Spanish and Catalan, the cucaña reached a serious fever. It was oiled. Some of the adjectives that were sent to Sanchez were already rehearsed with the Venezuelan issue. At the dawn of that conflict still latent, the Prime Minister was already a coward. Now, with the matter of the rapporteur, it is, in addition, a sell country. There is no truce for this race of high-temperature nicknames.

So the political leaders of the center, of the right and of the extreme right, felt that, in the heat of the rapporteur of Carmen Calvo, Spain had already been sold to Catalonia. The plagued region, which just by touching it and spreads pests. In the alarmed language of Casado, of Albert Rivera, who joined immediately, and of Santiago Abascal who, on the back of Vox, did not take in peering, Sanchez reaches such abjection that he is not only an "illegitimate ruler", said Casado, but he is worthy of adjectives that adorn the personality of … felons.

The coincidence of the nicknames that each one of them was throwing about Sánchez were of similar jaez: Sánchez is a criminal of "high treason", a person who "humiliates Spain", is an "irresponsible illegitimate ruler …". It would be necessary to stop Sánchez and vote, said one of them, so that the dignity returns to Spain. The words are behind the facts, but they are facts, they are pronounced and they want to announce a pronouncement. Spain is in danger. Catalonia is waiting for your neck. God, the one that was armed.

Of all those disordered adjectives that are now hanging from President Sanchez, it is convenient to stop, without further flight, in the definition given by the RAE of felon, the poison of word cast by Casado. "Cruel, evil." "Executioner". Person "who commits felony". "Felony:" disloyalty, betrayal, ugly action ". When the names are disordered and anyone can call someone else anything. And there will not be, it seems, truce. Already passed from words to deeds. It was sung.


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