The discounts reach Renfe and the airline tickets | Economy

The discounts reach Renfe and the airline tickets | Economy

Not only fashion and technology live the sales. Renfe and the main airlines have been added in recent days to promotions on train tickets and airplanes. The railway operator, started on Tuesday a promotion of thousands of seats with up to 70% discount on AVE and Long Distance journeys. The offer allows travel in January and February for less than 25 euros between Madrid and Malaga, Seville, Zaragoza or Valencia. Also from Barcelona to Bilbao or Zaragoza and from Valencia to Malaga. Between Barcelona and Valencia or Alicante the journey can leave for less than 15 euros. While going from Zaragoza to Malaga or Seville can cost less than 30. Renfe has doubled the tickets you usually have on offer (through special rates) and will maintain the promotion while supplies last.

Among the airlines, Vueling was the last to join the wave of travel discounts. Also from this Tuesday, the Spanish airline put on sale 280,000 seats to fly to Europe for 17.99 euros. For Vueling Club users, the offer will allow them to enjoy those same destinations (which include Paris, Rome, Berlin or Amsterdam) in exchange for 3,000 airplanes at no additional cost.

Iberia, which belongs as Vueling to the IAG group, keeps the Viaja Más promotion active. Until January 22, it is possible to buy tickets from 23 euros each way for peninsular flights, from 25 euros for flights to Europe, from 145 euros to United States, from 200 to South Africa, from 215 to Asia and from 250 to Latin America. The promotion allows travel to destinations of short and medium distance until June 13, while for the rest of destinations is valid until December 1. The campaign is active on the web since last week, but its promotion also came on Tuesday to radio and television.

The third Spanish airline in number of passengers, Air Europa, has also joined the promotions. In her case, she launched the Minimax campaign at the beginning of the year, which is active until January 22. It offers flights from 13 euros each way between the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands or from 17 euros to fly to the Canary Islands, counting in both cases with the resident discount. For the rest of the clients, it has offers of 29 euros each way, buying round trip, to peninsular destinations and to the cities of Brussels, Oporto, Lisbon and Marrakech. And for 39 euros to Zurich, Paris, Munich, Venice, Rome, Amsterdam and London. In long radio, flights can be found from 199 euros to New York, from 269 euros to Brazil and from 289 euros to the Caribbean. The period to fly goes from last Monday until November 30, although some special periods are excluded, which can be consulted on the airline's website.

More limited in time are the discounts on Ryanair. The Irish company reported on Tuesday in a statement the launch of a promotion of "spring break". It allows you to fly throughout your European network until May 30 with discounts of up to 30 euros on the round trip ticket. In this case, more than rebates it is a question of flash sale (Lightning offer) since it is only active until midnight this Thursday.


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