Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

The discount time, live


It seems that
Adara had entered to compete in
Discount time with the intention of being able to clarify and resume their relationship with
Hugo Sierra. However, all this seems to have collapsed after this new approach with the Italian.



Adara he feels he cannot control what is happening to him with
Gianmarco, something I wanted to avoid. “The same thing has happened to me again,” he has finally admitted.


After this approach where both have exchanged kisses and caresses,
Adara He went to the confessional where he ended up collapsing. “I wanted to save what I had with Hugo,” he admitted.


In fact,
Gianmarco He told the winner of the contest that if she wanted they could go together at the same time and start a relationship outside. “When you talk to me I look good and humble,” he confessed


“Do you love me?” He asked
Gianmarco to
Adara. A question to which she has answered yes. “I love you very, very, very much,” the Italian confessed. Both have returned to starring looks and caresses.


Since that time they have gone to more, increasingly closer and with a very complicit and intimate attitude until they have finished melting and with their breaths to a few centimeters. A step ahead of him
Adara, which has date of departure from the house has broken again.


Gianmarco he asked her to leave the house together, a true declaration of love to which she melted.



Gianmarco got the spark to jump with his after confessing to his colleagues that all his experience in
Big Brother his best moment was the day he touched his hand with that of the exazafata when the two went to take a chickpea.



However, this is not the only approach episode that both have lived in the last hours. Lying in bed
Adara He has even played to paint his lips
Gianmarco. “What you think? Nothing? ”Asked the Italian. “You can never stop thinking, we do not stop thinking even at night,” he said
Adara with a smile in the face.



“You will have to give explanations to my father,” he said
Adara to
Gianmarco in some unpublished images so far. However, he denied: “If I’m in love with you, I’m not interested in talking to anyone.”

9:00 pm

What’s more, the couple no longer hesitate to talk relaxed about everything that happened after their departure from
GH VIP 7 and the role that his relatives had in his estrangement.


Adara Y
Gianmarco They are getting closer. For reasons of the weekly test,
Adara Y
Gianmarco They spend a lot of time together, which has favored the rapprochement between them.


For its part,
Gianmarco defended himself and assured that the recording of the call was a matter of
Antonio David. In addition, he commented that it gives him the feeling that
Adara She has never been in love with him, who has too many changes of opinion and cannot trust her.


“You put me that you were alone in the room and you lied to me. I don’t trust you, you have disappointed me a lot and you are a completely different person than the one I met here. You seem like an egocentric. You’re a liar. Say you’ve left, you didn’t want to know anything about me and that’s it. ”


In addition, the winner of
GH VIP 7 recalled the famous phone call that was recorded by
Antonio David.


“Since I left, the only thing you have done has been to demand, demand and demand, knowing that I have a very complicated situation. Where have you been? I had a family and I needed your help, ”he said.
Adara to


The last Sunday
Adara Y
Gianmarco they met again and both starred in a strong discussion.


On the other hand, at the end of the gala,
Jorge Javier announced that the personal circumstances of
Adara they make it impossible for me to stay long in
Discount time. The rest of the contestants will know the situation tonight.


Recall that last week we learned who are the participants of
Discount time. There have been only three contestants who have refused to participate in the reality show
Mila, Alba and Naomi.


The time of the discount, live | Welcome to the direct of the
Gala 2 from
Discount time! Discount time is the new reality of
Telecinco in which some former contestants of
GH VIP 7 to resolve your pending accounts. There are many plots that are still open and we hope that in these weeks they will be solved inside the most famous television house.

In La Vanguardia, we will be making a preview until the start of the broadcast in
Telecinco. In it we will tell you everything that is expected for the gala

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