August 3, 2020

The Disciplinary Committee revokes the sanction to Medianito IV – The Province

Entered in 2019 the Canarian wrestling still waiting to meet the champion of the Insular League of the year that has just closed. The Star, current champion, awaited the decision taken in the offices to meet his opponent in the final, the Almogarén or Union Agüimes. Today, the Canary Committee of Sports Discipline revoked the resolutions of the Appeal Committee of the Canarian Wrestling Federation and granted precautionary measures to the team of the lizard and to the fighter Ricardo Rodríguez, Medianito IV, since participation in the World Cup was voluntary and presented medical certification not to attend.

As a consequence, the Union Agüimes will be in the final of the Insular League that is celebrated on January 18 in the neighborhood of Vecindario. In addition, the team from the southeast will be able to count on its strut Medianito IV. In December, the Appeals Committee denied the precautionary suspension of the sanction imposed by the Disciplinary Committee and the same measure with respect to the sanction of the Competition Committee of the Insular Federation. The fighter and his club challenged the resolutions on December 27 before the Canary Committee of Sports Discipline, which today granted the precautionary suspension.

Everything goes back to the beginning of last month, when the Wrestling World Championship was celebrated, a competition at individual and voluntary level. The striker Agüimes was injured on November 30, reported to the Federation and did not participate in the World on December 6 and 7. On the 14th of that same month the semifinal between Almogarén and Union Agüimes took place in Valsequillo, which decided in favor of the players with a score of 11-12. However, the captain of the valsequilleros had noted before the fight a sanction on Medianito IV. The Union Agüimes assured that it did not receive the notification before the semifinal.

Four days later, on December 18, the Competition Committee agreed to sanction the club for improperly aligning the fighter Medianito, sanctioned with two months of suspension. Likewise, it imposes a fine of 300 euros on Unión Agüimes and the lost fight, giving Almogarén the winner. On December 26, the Appeals Committee dismisses the request for precautionary suspension filed by the lizardmen. Finally, yesterday the Canary Committee of Sports Discipline revoked the resolutions and the Union Agüimes and Medianito will be in the final.


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