Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

The discarding of Zidane after the arrival of Militao

The Brazilian Militao has been presented at the Santiago Bernabeú, as a new reinforcement for the defense. He was the last to be presented, but he was the first to be signed. In it, Real Madrid looks for a center that can give relief to Sergio Ramos and Varane. At 21 years old and with experience in elite football thanks to his role at Oporto, the young defender arrives to be the third or fourth center of the Zidane team.

The Frenchman counts on him while he prepares the pre-season with the squad in Montreal. The white expedition has five centers: Ramos and Varane, the holders so far and who will remain so during this course; Nacho, Vallejo and the central one of Castilla De la Fuente.

Although the coach wants to have a wide template that allows him to play with almost two teams, give breaks and so get fescos to spring, when the titles are decided; right now he has too many players in the back.

His man of confidence is Sergio Ramos, the voice of more weight in the dressing room and with which Zidane counts for many decisions in which he can consult with the players. The ownership of Ramos no doubt nobody.

Neither the one of Varane, although at the beginning of summer he feigned that he could leave. He will continue and his intention is to become the heir of Ramos, with whom such a good couple has formed.

Militao is the newcomer and will have to prove his worth, although he has been signed to play now and be the center of the future.

And it is Nacho and Vallejo who will look for the site that remains in the template for another center. Nacho has experience and years and years in Real Madrid, good disposition and although he plays little, he is always willing to help the team. Vallejo wants to show that the previous years he has not given everything he could and that maybe his opportunity has come. In Real Madrid they thought that Vallejo could go, but now it is not clear if it is going to be him or Nacho who does not continue. It is a decision that must be made and wait for the offers that arrive.

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