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The disastrous appointment of a 'youtuber' and an 'influencer'

First Dates
try to present people with tastes, hobbies and similar dedications so that the crush arises. Sometimes he dating show gets its purpose, but others, like the one we are dealing with, becomes a complete disaster. When the appointment between a
and a
could give good results, the result could not be worse. Not only did they not understand each other, they did not get along or fell well.

The influencer Jona 20 years old, came stomping: "I am a unique person, I am not the copy of anyone." In fact, "I have a way of speaking that nobody else has and that is different from others. I make some jokes that no one else does. " His particular sense of humor did not please Ana Isabel, a youtuber He was also 20 years old and could not believe the boy's behavior.

'First Dates': Jona, the 'influencer' with 4,000 followers on Instagram

'First Dates': Jona, the 'influencer' with 4,000 followers on Instagram

Castellón moves "by Instagram, where I have 4000 followers and upload some videos that people laugh at me" Hence, the influencer. So Joan arrived at the restaurant First Dates looking for a partner "I wish I could be as good in love as in networks," he said.

The appointment chosen by the program was Ana Isabel, a person from Bilbao who uploads videos to YouTube, and although she does not expect to "dedicate myself professionally to it, because it does not have many outlets, but at the moment I like to do it". As soon as they both met, tensions began. He did not like physically and her that he lived on the other side. They were not the only differences that separated them.

"It has commentaries that of humoristic have nothing"

"Those of Bilbao are very coarse, right?", Jona released without coming to mind. "Those are cliches, as if you say that the Catalans are stingy. I'm not enough, I manage and I do not speak loudly, "Ana Isabel replied offended. The appointment began on the wrong foot and the tension could be felt in the environment. Especially when the influencer He told him how many followers he had: 4,000. "Well, there are not many," the girl said.

"I do not know what is believed with 4000 followers," the youtuber scoffed already in the confessional. Although the issue of networks was not the worst thing that could happen. Jona's humor did not attract him either: "His humor sucks. He has commentaries that do not have anything of humoristic ". After the throwing of taunts, each one went by his side. There was no way of understanding.

'First Dates': When a 'youtuber' and an 'influencer' do not succeed in creating the spark of love

'First Dates': When a 'youtuber' and an 'influencer' do not succeed in creating the spark of love

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