Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

The disapproval to the president of Peru rises after the license to the mining company Southern

The disapproval of the president of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, rose to 45% nationally, especially in the south of the country, following the license granted to the mining company Southern for the construction of the Tía María project, according to a survey published this Sunday in Lime.

The survey of the company Ipsos, released by the newspaper El Comercio, revealed that the disapproval of Vizcarra increased by four points from last June, while its support fell to 44% this month.

In the south of the country, where the Tía María copper project is located, the approval to the president fell 20 points in July to 36%, compared to the previous month.

Tía María is a $ 1.3 billion project of the Southern Peru Copper Corporation, owned by Grupo México, which has been rejected by the residents of the Tambo Valley because of the possibility that it contaminates their fields and water sources.

The population of Arequipa, headed by its local authorities, has carried out protest marches and stoppages to demand that the Government annul the permit granted to Southern, while the Executive trusts to establish a dialogue that allows to solve the demands of the farmers.

Support for Vizcarra also fell in the north of the country to 39%, in the east to 34%, and in the center to 51%, while in Lima it was the only region in which it rose and achieved 52% support.

Among the reasons that respondents gave to support Vizcarra are those that fight against corruption (50%), improve the economy (24%) and promote political reform (22%).

Precisely, the president has given a deadline until next July 25 for Congress to approve the political reform projects proposed to the Legislature, which must be in force in the general elections of 2021.

Also, among the reasons given in the rejection of the head of state, respondents stated that they do not fight against corruption (46%), they do not see progress in the economy (30%) and they do not keep their promises (28%) .

During the management of Vizcarra, which began in March last year, the Peruvian Prosecutor's Office has opened investigations into alleged corruption against the exmandatarios Alejandro Toledo (2001-2006), Alan García (2006-2011), Ollanta Humala (2011-2016) and Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (2016-2018), as well as the former mayor of Lima Susana Villarán and former presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori.

The Ipsos survey was applied to a sample of 1,221 people nationwide between July 17 and 19, with a confidence level of 95% and a margin of error of 2.8%.

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