May 13, 2021

The disadvantages of a canary in Social Security | "I cannot register my paternity because they don't give me an appointment" – La Provincia

After the birth of a child you must perform different procedures to register the baby as well as paternity and maternity in order to receive the rest period paid by the Social Security, such as to associate the baby with the benefit of pediatric and health care. This is what Juan José Ruiz intends to do in order to enjoy his rights, he and his family. However, the task is costing him a world, and all because in the National Institute of Social Security of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria the systems that facilitate users to perform this series of procedures do not work. "This is the aspect that citizens meet every morning to process our affairs", explains Juan José Ruiz when referring to the queues that form at the doors of the administrative headquarters.

"I just became a father and I have to process the paternity and maternity of my wife. Before, I have to leave my first child at school and go to Social Security to queue and get a number without an appointment", says the father on the second day trying to get an hour to be treated.

He is not uncomfortable just wasting time in a queue for something so simple, he is also outraged by the inefficiency of the administration in managing the citations. "Officials tell me that the online appointment will not work until next Thursday, January 2, 2020. And neither does the telephone service to request an appointment.".

So Juan José Ruiz is resigned to making the line that has its own challenge because if you do not pass the door before 13.40 hours you will not be attended: "That is to say that if the number they give us does not reach that time, tomorrow we will queue again and continue in a loop. This situation is inadmissible in a public service in 202", indignant complaint.

The only thing Juan José Ruiz wants is "that at least one of the two previous appointment request services works to organize my life and that of my family"Meanwhile, he will continue to go every day to the eternal queue that forms at the door of Social Security with the hope that he will be attended before 13.40.


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