The directors of 'Batgirl' tried, without success, to save some of the footage of the film canceled by Warner

The directors of 'Batgirl' tried, without success, to save some of the footage of the film canceled by Warner

Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi, the directors of the frustrated film Batgirl, have granted an interview in the french medium skript in which they have explained their reaction to Warner's decision to put the adaptation of this DC Comics character in a drawer when it had already been shot and they were in the editing process.

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The pair of directors, who had previously worked on Bad Boys For Life and Ms. Marvel, say that after receiving the call from the studio, they went to their work server to record at least something with the mobile but found that the studio had deleted the files.

"The people of Warner told us that it was not an acting problem of the actress [Leslie Grace] nor of the quality of the film. We were in the middle of assembly, there was still a lot of work to do! The film was not finished,” Belgian Adil El Arbi said in the interview.

El Arbi added that his interpretation of what happened had more to do with the corporate strategic changes being made by HBO Max, the platform that was going to release the film: “There is a new direction, a change in strategy and they have seen that they can save money ”. This summer the business changes in these companies are being known. Discovery has bought WarnerMedia, parent company of HBO Max, which will lead to a future joint platform. The restructuring of HBO Max is already in its catalog, which has lost a hundred series and movies and has struck down all its European production, except the Spanish.

Asked by the Skript interviewer if one day they could recover the film, the directors explained that in addition to getting permission to do so, a considerable investment would be needed, since the gross is not only half-assembled but also has no special effects applied and there are shots that need to be reshot. but they hope that one day they can, like Zack Snyder did with his montage of Justice League.

In the world of the cinematic adaptation of DC superheroes, Batgirl is a bumpy ride. Now it is the company that is leaving, when, in 2018, it was its first director, Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Avengers) who left the film hanging realizing he "didn't have a story".

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