October 30, 2020

The director of the video game 'Final Fantasy XV' leaves Square Enix | Blog 1 UP

The director of the video game 'Final Fantasy XV' leaves Square Enix | Blog 1 UP

It is one more in a long list. Hajime Tabata joins Shinji Mikami, Tetsuya Mizoguchi, Yu Suzuki, Hideo Kojima, Fumito Ueda or Koji Igarashi and leaves the company of his whole life, in his case Square Enix, to wage war on his own with a new independent studio. The particular thing in Tabata is the spectacular and melodramatic way, almost back to the narrative, in which the announcement was made.

What an event was expected to announce new additional content of Tabata's last great success, the Final fantasy XV, it became a completely unexpected announcement: Tabata leaves the company and, therefore, the title of his loves; that, as he confessed to this newspaper, with which he wanted to rival in the universal scope that counts Game of Thrones. The game, after a decade of complex development, was transformed under its reins in a critical and public success that already exceeds the 8 million copies sold after its release on November 29, 2016.

Only one of the four new dlcs foreseen – additional content of a video game that is paid independently – will be released: the one corresponding to the character of Ardyn. Aranea, Lunafreya and Noctis are left without their new stories, since the company, in the absence of its main creator, has decided to cancel the development of these additional episodes.

During the streaming of the announcement Tabata explained his reasons for taking this shocking decision; shocking not only because of the unexpectedness of it, but because Tabata had just founded, inside Square Enix, a studio under his supervision: Luminous Productions"In relation to my future projects, I have to say that I have one that I deeply desire to make real, my next challenge after FFXV [Abbreviationof[abreviaturadeFinal fantasy XV]. I felt it was time to pass on the torch to the new generation of talented colleagues who are my absolute confidence and whose future works are amazing. "

Useful information

The director of the video game 'Final Fantasy XV' leaves Square Enix

Title: Final fantasy XV

Study: Square Enix

Designers: Hajime Tabata

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam

Release date: 11/19/2016

Price:€ 49.99

The exile of the great Japanese creators to the indie sector is explained by a very specific characteristic of Japanese culture: how strict it is for veterans to give their place to new generations. In a magnificent and extensive report of Polygon, the specialized website of Vox Media, a journalist analyzed dozens of testimonies of these old wolves of the game and drew a general conclusion. As they add years, companies want them in roles increasingly office, which do not satisfy the creative hunger of which, possibly, is the best creative generation in the history of the game.

As in Japan it is not well seen to change company, but a career measures its success in those who manage to prosper and retire in the same house, the only way out for these rebellious creators is to make war on their own. From this need, a new type of companies coined as concept-studios. The philosophy is to forge a central team that deals with the creative direction at the highest level (the design of the game) and outsource everything else to an international workforce that assumes the muscle of these productions (programming, graphics, etc.). under the constant supervision of concept-studio.

To that type of challenge – nothing less, as the creator of Shenmue Yu Suzuki to this newspaper, who recognized the lion's share of creative time that he eats the management of production and business- will face Hajime Tabata in his new adventure.


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