The director of the European Commission affirms that the Brexit has strengthened the EU

The director of the European Commission affirms that the Brexit has strengthened the EU

The decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union has meant that "the EU is strengthened", this has been highlighted today by the director of the European Commission in Spain, Francisco Fonseca, who has assured that this step has allowed to become aware of populisms.

Fonseca has participated in Segovia today in a dialogue with citizens about "The future of Europe" and moments before his speech has explained in statements to the media that the Brexit has served to the 27 EU member states "realize of the strength they have together. "

He also assured that if leaving the United Kingdom is not a disaster, it is because of the 27's ability to act "with one voice", something that, in his opinion, it is necessary to transfer to all the problematic areas of international relations. .

Therefore, this union has to reach internal market policies, the development of a common immigration policy, an African development plan to contain immigration or fight against terrorism.

According to Fonseca, Europe has to offer a complete political model, seeking economic union, border control and fight against the phenomena of globalization, such as climate change.

That yes, for these improvements are possible has defended the need for the European elections in May 2019 all citizens go to the polls, because they are a "fundamental" to achieve a "more active" Europe.

In his opinion, it is a contradiction to expect the EU to resolve crises when only 40 percent of citizens vote, and insisted that it is necessary for the European deputies "to have support and feel that they are recognized and responsible to their constituents" .

Finally, he stressed that it is "flatly false" that the European Parliament is second category and has recalled that at least three quarters of the legislation of the Official State Gazette, as well as the bulletins of each of the communities based on obligations imposed by European law.

Therefore, he concluded by asking for "more Europe" and asking citizens to demand common policies, but under the responsibility of going to the polls because, in his opinion, it is an institution that has to respond to problems and "not die as a victim of his success, "he asserted.


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