June 14, 2021

The director Jaime Rosales presents his film 'Petra' in Multicines Monopol – La Provincia

The director Jaime Rosales presents his film 'Petra' in Multicines Monopol - La Provincia

The Catalan director Jaime Rosales presides over the premiere of his new film, Petra, this Friday, October 26, at 8.30 pm, Multiplexes Monopol, a week after its landing in Spanish theaters after going through the festivals of Cannes and San Sebastian.

Starring the always splendid Barbara Lennie, Petra tells the story of a woman who is looking for her biological father after the death of his mother and whose journey comes to the bosom of a family of the Catalan bourgeoisie, headed by Jaume, famous powerful and ruthless artist, and Marisa, his wife, who are played by Joan Botey, a real artist who debuts before the camera , and Marisa Paredes, who picked up the Goya de Honor this 2018. From this encounter, the lives of the characters are interwoven in a web of secrets, betrayals and violence.

Rosales, who signs titles like Loneliness (2007) or The hours of the day (2003), has stated that this film is born of "a very orthodox inspiration of classical Greek tragedy", which plays with the breaking of linear time and with the proposal of an open ending that demands the active involvement of the viewer, although the result follows the stylistic line of the author's previous works, marked by the influences of filmmakers like the Japanese Yasujiro Ozu, Rosales declared in San Sebastian that Petra stands as a "bridge work" in her filmography, which initiates "a vocation of accessibility" for the public, but both the actresses and the director, who takes great care of the interpreters' direction , revealed that "in the shooting there was sweat and tears, but without reaching the blood".

In this regard, Lennie pointed out that the Rosales process is based "not on the construction of characters, but on living as real as possible every moment: that life enters totally on the plane".


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