March 8, 2021

The Diputación de Jaén is constituted this Thursday with Francisco Reyes (PSOE) repeating in the presidency

The plenary session, convened at 12.00 hours, will begin with the constitution of the age table, composed of the provincial deputies of higher and lower age and the general secretary of the Diputación.

The members of this table will be responsible for checking the credentials of the deputies, who will subsequently take an oath or promise of their respective positions. Then proceed to the election of the president of the provincial Corporation by the deputies.

In this way, the Socialist Francisco Reyes will repeat one more term as president of the Diputación, a position he has held since 2011 when he replaced the also Socialist Felipe López.

The PSOE maintains its absolute majority in the Diputación de Jaén with 16 of the 27 representatives with which the provincial Administration counts. The PP also manages to maintain its ten deputies and Citizens get to enter for the first time with a deputy, while IU loses the only representative he had in the provincial body.

The only novelty is the entrance of Ciudadanos, which does it with a deputy that obtains through the judicial district of Jaén, while IU loses its sole representative.

During the current mandate, the PSOE has governed the Provincial Jiennense with 16 deputies, the same that has obtained after the premises of last May 26. Along with this group, they have completed the Corporation, IU, with a representative, and the PP, which started with ten, although since January 31, 2018 has had eight.

It was once that the mayors of Porcuna and Cárcheles, Miguel Moreno and Enrique Puñal, left the popular group in Diputación and became non-attached members after the internal crisis opened with the convulsive provincial congress of 2017.

The full constitution will be held once the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA) has resolved the appeal that affected the Mayor of Peal de Becerro (Jaén).

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