The digitizer menu of an advanced talent

At 22, María Villar is already an expert in the world of entrepreneurship and her latest project, Foodin, has helped her win the award for best university entrepreneur in Spain and will represent our country in world competition in May. Villar, from the LEINN (Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation) degree from the Teamlabs innovation and entrepreneurship campus, has spent his entire career focused on entrepreneurship: “I have started other businesses, some good and others bad, and I have been preparing for the latter”, says young woman from Alicante. It has already created a sustainable fashion brand (bags with reused fabrics) and a digital and social media marketing agency to bring together educational institutions with the business world and with innovation. Foodin is the result of teamwork with his other partner, Jaime Ontiveros, a Teamlabs colleague, who have been joined by collaborators. This startup is digitizing the hospitality industry with a technology that allows you to view the menu, order an order and pay in restaurants by simply scanning a QR code through your mobile phone. An application that also reduces the contact between waiters and customers in these times of pandemic. Change in the sector “When we returned from confinement, we saw that everything had changed a lot and there was a clear idea of ​​digitizing everything,” says the entrepreneur. They decided to create this application that is not necessary to download and when scanning the code “you see an interactive letter, more audiovisual”, he adds. Customers can start ordering and orders come to the kitchen. “It makes their work easier for waiters and they can dedicate their time to receiving and serving better. And at the end of the service you can pay with this application », indicates the co-founder of the project. People who sit at the same table also have a virtual table, “each one can pay their share and also tip that with the pandemic has decreased as more is paid with a card.” The application connects with the restaurant’s POS, thus facilitating operations. At the moment they have started operating in Madrid where they want to be the benchmark and then they will move to other cities, but they already work with restaurants such as Lizarran, Grupo La La La and Grupo Comess. «The reception has been very good. The hospitality establishments need to survive, cut costs, some have fewer staff and cannot cope, ”says Villar. They started by making a very simple version with their own funds, triple F investment and a first round of 50,000 euros for the market launch. .

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