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Theuse of mobile phoneswhat is done today hasrisk of becoming abusiveand many users are unhappy with the large amount of time they spend in the digital world. That is why several device manufacturers and social network developers have begun to createa wave of ways that encourage relaxation.

OneplusIt is one of them, and has developed the 'Zen Mode', present in its OnePlus 7 Pro, which makes it easier for users to disconnect from the world 2.0. To design it, the company examined how users are using their devices, demonstrating that, on occasion, people feel they cannot disconnect from their digital life, especially from social networks and messaging applications.

These tools establish a two-way relationship with the user: not only do incoming alerts attract citizen's attention, but many applications are designed to reward the user for their interaction. These types of distractions are bidirectional.

To develop a solution to these problems OnePlus devisedan application that gives the user the option to forget the 'smartphone' for a whileBut without losing control of your devices.

The 'Zen Mode' of OnePlusIt is designed so that users can focus on themselves bylimit smartphone functions to emergency calls, call reception and camera for 20 minutes. The application has been developed in the form of an application, since the objective is that the user has the power to activate the function at any time and be ready at any time, but without distracting him. During the 20 minutes the screen shows the date and time and access to emergency calls and the camera.

When studying the behavior of mobile users, OnePlus decided that the ideal period should be 20 minutes: a duration short enough tonot discourage the user and long enough for him to relax. According to them, establishing a longer time would have been a mistake since it would prevent any user, except the toughest ones, from using the application.

As wellThere are similar functions to Zen mode in other brands' phonesand in certain social networks that perform the same disconnection function, in such a way that they help the user get away from digital noise for a while.

Apple and Samsung

The iPhone has the function 'Do not disturb while I sleep'which allows to program the mobile during a certain time in idle mode. The function dims the lock screen,Silence calls, and notices the device receivesand notifications are sent to the notification center until the screen is unlocked.

In addition, it gives the option to allow incoming calls from certain contacts or favorites and if a person repeatedly calls in less than three minutes. However, the user can use his mobile at any time.

The 'relaxation mode' of the Samsung Galaxy A50 offers users the ability to disconnect before going to sleepor anytime you want. It offers the option of activating the mode at the moment or programming it for a certain time. The function changes the screen to grayscale and disables notifications for as long as it is activated.

Social networks

The applications ofInstagramYFacebookThey also have tools that allow you to choose a time of daily use of these social networks, in the tabs of 'your activity' and 'your time on Facebook' respectively. Both show the amount of time per day spent on the connected day.

If the user sets the time limits, when the available minutes are exceeded, the application blocks the reception of notificationsduring the rest of the day and shows reminders to the user informing him that he has exceeded his limit.

It is also possible to set different time periods to relax from notifications, from 15 minutes to eight hours. The user will continue to have the option to use the application at any time, since when entering it, notifications are still shown as usual.

From Pinterest they are also helping to promote relaxation and disconnectionwith resources of emotional well-being, since the dynamics of today's world are resulting in major stress problems.

In the event that the search section of the social network detects key terms such as 'job anxiety' or 'stress appointments', some suggestion resources will jump. When selecting the resources, a window will open with a series of brief activities and a few steps to follow.

In the most extreme case that the user is looking for issues related to self-harm or suicide, the user is redirected to the national suicide prevention line.

Although these solutions may seem to go against logic, since they try to make users use the mobile phone less, they serve torespond to the needs of those who wish to enjoy moments of life in a less technological way, look up the mobile and not constantly be aware of messages or social networks.


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