March 9, 2021

The digital transformation keeps Atresmedia in the Canary Islands – La Provincia

The current digital transformation will keep Atresmedia in the Canary Islands and its commitment to information in the Islands, which, from now on, will be disseminated through its presence in national coverage news.

In this way, Canarias is equated to other delegations from the rest of Spain, such as Catalonia, Galicia, Andalusia, Castilla y León and Valencia, which worked with this system. As a result of this change Antena 3 announced yesterday that it cancels its territorial news in the Islands after 28 years of issue. The Canary Islands were the last to maintain the chain and this cancellation is due to the organizational structure of Antena 3 and not to the audience data, since they maintained one of the highest levels of the regional news programs that are broadcast on the islands .

The cancellation supposes the dismissal of some twelve people of the 45 that form the staff of this chain in the Canary Islands. But the intention of the company is to keep all journalists and cameras for connections with national news.


In this way, news programs adapt to technological developments in an environment of digital transformation and start to provide services from Madrid, allowing an optimization of resources and improvements for viewers. The dismissals are focused on seven people from the continuity area, five from Gran Canaria and two from Tenerife, as well as five technicians who were responsible for the realization of the news program live from the Las Palmas production center, the only one that currently had the chain in the Canary Islands.

The area of ​​continuity is the department that manages the television signal, made up of professionals who ensure that the images reach all points of the Islands, follow the advertising guidelines, promotions, and the time of interventions. All this work will be done from now from Madrid, but journalists and cameras will be distributed in eleven teams, of which six will be in the delegation of Las Palmas and five in the Tenerife.

The history of Antena 3 news in the Canary Islands has been especially brilliant. It began broadcasting 28 years ago and although at the beginning they were provincial news later the broadcasts were unified to maintain the current regional news. During these almost three decades, Atresmedia in Canaria has reached spectacular audience levels in relation to other entities with more means, and has formed a large pool of professionals in the Islands.

José Luis Domínguez and Carmen Rosa Molina were the first presenters of the news, and Jazael Ascanio the last and who yesterday was in charge of saying goodbye to the viewers. Other familiar faces of the entity have been Vidina Espino, Evelio Portillo and Mónica González.

Among the most outstanding exclusives are one of the firsts of greater social transcendence with the images of the ex-politician José Carlos Mauricio driving without a license through the streets of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria after having had a previous trial for that crime. And, more recently, an image in the inauguration session of the tenth legislature where the distancing between the leaders of the PP was palpable Asier Antona and María Australia Navarro. They were also the first to communicate the latest news of male violence in Tenerife of a German who killed his wife and son and that transcended to Madrid.

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