Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

The digital platform that broadcasts Second B and Third matches to recover forgotten football

La plataforma digital que emite partidos de Segunda B y Tercera para recuperar el fútbol olvidado

The football lives in a continuous process of commodification. The figures that moves the most popular sport on the planet today rise to unthinkable amounts decades ago, with a vision increasingly focused on deal and away from the essence. In rebound, the worst stopped was the amateur, especially those who belong to a team that does not collect covers in the newspapers or have a voice in sports circles. Your alienation towards the elite soccer it can be fought now with the return to the origins, to the authenticity, that it proposes Footers.

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It is a platform that emits in streaming with the intention of recovering Genuine football, that which brings the fans closer to the team of their town or their city with a simple click from wherever they want. They define themselves as "The Netflix of local soccer". The objective is to give more visibility to semi-professional teams -or semiamateurs, depending on how you look at them-, "left behind by God for a long time", as Julio Muñoz, the company's marketing director, explains to this newspaper.

Everyone benefits

Half of the income obtained by paying the subscription or the match goes to clubs

Footters offers the possibility of watching Segunda B and Third Division games. Categories in which historical clubs coexist with a considerable social mass (Racing Santander, Recreativo de Huelca, Salamanca ...) with others much more modest. The size does not matter. The idea is to give visibility to a forgotten football. "The average fan was overwhelmed to see how much Cristiano jumped or Messi ran. It is not that these divisions did not have fans, but that they were abandoned, "says Muñoz.

For a small fee (7 euros per month subscription or 3 euros per game) you can follow the desired team. This helps to improve their income, because half of the proceeds go directly to the coffers of the clubs, who only have to worry about playing the game. "They are delighted because we do not demand anything from them. It is an income fallen from heaven for them, "says Muñoz. There are many beneficiary parties. First of all, fans and relatives, to be able to see the team in question. Then, the clubs, not only for the money they enter but also for the audiovisual material they have to share on social networks. Obviously the players, for the visibility they enjoy. "I played a lot of games and I could not teach my children any goal," recalls Julio Fariñas, Footters' executive director and who played in several Segunda B and Tercera teams. The Twitter account of the platform is filled with golazos every weekend.

Nor should we forget the person in charge of capturing talent. "We spoke at the time with several scouts, among them Monchi, and they told us that when they go to a field to see a boy, they immediately revalorize when they realize they are in the stands. It is important to detect talent before it is worth so much money. It is not the same to hire a soccer player that stands out in January than in June. Also, before the kid could lose the opportunity of his life to have a bad day. Now a discreet and recurrent follow-up can be done. "

Footters, a Sevillian company that has shareholders such as footballers Álvaro Negredo and Adrián San Miguel, recovers for the people the "authentic football" adapted to the new times, providing clubs with structures. "We do not stop being a technological company with a view to the future. We offer cutting-edge solutions, with automated cameras installed in the fields to ensure optimal emission. " An option that allows, for example, the player of Athletic Ibai Gómez to see from his mobile the matches of Santutxu, presided over by his father, Mitxelo.

Although the initial idea was to focus on grassroots football, he had to park because of the attention he aroused in the bronze categories of Spanish football. "Our future is to grow down, not up, penetrating the lower categories," says Muñoz. Footters also issues the Mexican Premier (equivalent to the third division) and will soon offer another Latin American championship. With the agreement reached with the Federation, now the challenge is to get to expand through the universe of 440 teams, which little by little are incorporated. There are already more than 90,000 users who enjoy an average of 60 games every weekend.

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