The difficulties of young people to become independent, in ‘Out of plane’ – La Provincia

The Off-plan program pays attention this Wednesday, March 11, at 920 p.m., to the difficulties that young people have to emancipate themselves. The space changes temporarily on the day of issue. Eight out of ten Canaries under 30 cannot leave the family home and only 20% of them have the capacity to pay for their independence. The frustration that this generates, and how this circumstance can mark their lives, will be the subject of analysis in this space of Canarian Television. The high prices of rentals or obstacles to contract a mortgage are the main obstacles that young people have to emancipate themselves.

The key points of the pact for decent housing that will be signed this week in the Canary Islands, rental incentives or lack of public housing will also be the subject of debate in Off-plan. In addition, job insecurity and low wages lead many young people to not be able to emancipate themselves. During the program, labor reform and plans to reduce the temporality of contracts will be addressed.

One of the determining aspects so that many young people cannot leave home is the lack of reconciliation between family and work life.


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