April 14, 2021

The difficult moment of Roberto Leal to give the bells: “Agrrame fuerte pap, as you have always done” – La Provincia

Roberto Lealand his father had a close relationship that the presenter had seen more than once in his social networks, where he used to share photographs of both during his adventures. In fact, last June he joked with the similarity of both in an Instagram post:“My favorite bald spot. My father. Don Pepe Leal. No, I didn’t inherit his bangs but neither did his eyes #papa #daddy #flequillasso #ojosmar”, commented the presenter.

In these difficult days of mixed feelings and the most familiar,Loyal wanted to keep his father in mind.

Thus, he felt hours before appearing on the antenna on the occasion of the most felt and endearing Bells:“Hold me tight. As you always have. I love you, Dad”, with a red heart concluding and a nice picture of when he was little and was with his father Pepe Leal on the beach …

The one of Alcalá de Guadaira, dressed in an Armani tuxedo, could not help that just because of the Bells had another memory for his father:“For those who left too soon. For those who will come. And of course, for those who are. Let’s celebrate everything with ours. Let’s spill wine. A lot. Life was that. Happy 2020 to everyone and THANK YOU for your love. Oh, New Year! … Come, friend … Thank you @armani for the trust. THANK YOU, as always, @anneigartiburu, for being the best companion of battles of this blessed trade. # campanadas2020 “commented Roberto Leal most gratefully.


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