The diesel costs less than 1 euro per liter in 28 gas stations in 12 provinces

The diesel costs less than 1 euro per liter in 28 gas stations in 12 provinces


Currently there are gas stations that sell diesel again for less than one euro per liter. Specifically, 28, spread across 12 provinces of the peninsula, according to this newspaper has checked in the geoportal of the Ministry of Ecological Transition where they appear the data of the more than 11,000 service stations that exist in the country.

Prices range from 0.999 euros for a gas station in Cantabria, another in Palencia and one more in Soria, to 0.951 euros from the one located on Avenida del Euro, in Valladolid. In this case it is a cooperative that only sells the fuel to its members.

Navarra is, with nine, the province with more service stations where they sell diesel below the euro. They are followed by Madrid, with four, and Teruel with three.

This fact occurs because the prices of fuels continue downhill and without brakes in Spain. They have been almost two months down and are currently at the minimum of the year. The average price of 95-octane unleaded gasoline is 1,163 euros per liter and gasoline 1,129 euros.

If we compare current prices with those at the beginning of the year, we see that at this time gasoline is 6.4% cheaper and gas oil 1.5%. This means that filling the 50-liter tank of a gasoline car now costs an average of 58 euros, compared to the 62 euros it cost at the beginning of the year. In the case of diesel, the savings is only one euro.

It should be remembered that these fuels reached their annual highs on October 15: 1,357 euros gasoline and 1,285 euros a liter of diesel. The minimum prices were registered in mid-March (1,220 gasoline and, as now, 1,129 euros diesel).

This slow but steady fall in fuel prices is mainly due to the decline in the price of oil, which at the moment is also at annual minimums (53 dollars per barrel of Brent). Since the beginning of the year, that barrel has dropped by almost 17%.

Consumers may be struck by the fact that while crude oil has fallen by 17% this year, fuels have only made it by 6.4% (gasoline) and by 1.5% (diesel). It is what is popularly known as "feather effect and rocket effect."

However, the different speed with which oil and fuels go down it is due to the strong taxation that both fuels bear. Taxes (Special, regional and VAT) account for 56% of the retail price of gasoline and 52% of diesel. This means that the drop in oil only affects 44% of the price of gasoline and 48% of diesel.


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