The DGT urges to advance the return of the bridge due to snowfall in the north

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) urges citizens who are in the northern half of Spain to anticipate the return of the Constitution bridge and the Immaculate in view of the snowfall forecast for Wednesday the 8th.

The reason is the entry from tomorrow of a new cold air front and subsequent discharge of precipitation in the form of snow that could hinder road traffic in the northern half of the peninsula on Wednesday and Thursday of this week and that could affect not only secondary roads, but also high-capacity roads, warns the DGT.

Add that cold front it will continue its advance through the southeast half of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands, weakening, but establishing a cold, wet and unstable west or northwest flow.

This entry will bring with it a descent from the snow level to between 400 and 800 meters in the extreme north, from 600 to 900 in the center and from 1,000 to 1,400 in the southeast, so snowfall is expected in the mountainous areas of Cantabrian Mountains, Pyrenees, Iberian System and Central System and also in flat areas of sufficient altitude.

These snowfalls are expected to be heavy in the interior northwest and are not ruled out on the Cantabrian coastline. Thus, from the early hours of day 8 There are active snowfall warnings in these areas and will continue throughout the day.

Regarding rainfall, showers are expected in a large part of the Peninsula, widespread, abundant and with occasional storms in Galicia. Cantabrian and Western Pyrenees, with some persistence in the environment of Galicia. In a weaker, scattered and occasional way, they will spread to the south and east, more intense in the mountains and the Straits, and without ruling out that, with low probability, they will reach the interior of the Mediterranean area of ​​the peninsula. On Balearics are likely, with the possibility of occasional storms.

With these forecasts, Traffic advises that, in addition to advancing the return trip, “it is very important” that the rest of the citizens residing in the northern half of the peninsula avoid all those road trips that are not essential and wait until they are not. exist weather alerts.

The 21 automated turnouts are now ready for operation and monitored for the bagging of trucks, to activate them if necessary. Traffic considers it essential to check the weather conditions before hitting the road and points out that traffic may be restricted to certain vehicles and require the use of winter tires or chains to drive on roads affected by snow. In case you do not have them, the agents of the Civil Guard Traffic Group will prevent the passage of that vehicle.


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