February 25, 2021

The DGT prepares an application to carry the driving license on the mobile

The driving license is an essential document when we are going to get behind the wheel of our vehicle, in addition to others such as the technical inspection card (ITV) or the vehicle's circulation permit. Not carrying it is risky, because it is denouncible and although it is a slight infraction, the fine can reach up to 100 euros. Now, thanks to the new application that DGT wants to launch, it will not be a concern to carry the card again.

“My DGT” is an application where all citizens will be able to carry out their traffic procedures and in which they will find personalized information, as well as their points, previous fines, their vehicle or, of course, their driving license. In short, any information that is relevant to him. This is what he has made known in his latest issue of the magazine Traffic and Road Safety, corresponding to the month of July. “How to have an updated list of the services or information pages most consulted by any user of the Headquarters or to offer a quick and personalized access to each user with those pages to which they have accessed the last times”, explains Alfonso Bernal, Head of the ICT Area of ​​the DGT.

Another of the new services that the application would offer is the possibility of registering to be notified when the DGT generates a novelty in the matter that has been indicated, in addition to incorporating an access for groups that, after identifying, allow access to information especially addressed, how to allow city council officials to access the information that the DGT has about that town hall.

“The new Electronic Office of the DGT is the beginning of a new stage in the digital relationship with citizens, to whom we want to offer the site to go to perform any management quickly and easily,” says Miguel Martín, IT Manager from the DGT. The application is under development and there is no date for the official launch or for the availability of the application.

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