September 29, 2020

The DGT launches the ‘Operation August 15’ – La Provincia

The General direction of traffic (DGT) launches this Friday the ‘Operation August 15‘, which includes a series of traffic regulation and management measures to facilitate road traffic, in case road intensities so require, as reported by the DGT.

Specifically, it will install additional lanes on roads with higher traffic intensities, especially in the vicinity of large urban centers.

Likewise, will restrict circulation on certain days, sections and hours of the circulation of trucks in general and of certain goods in particular.

Traffic too will paralyze the works which are currently being carried out on the Spanish road network and will eliminate the celebration of sports events and other events that involve the occupation of the road.

In addition to the traffic regulation and management measures, the surveillance from the ground and from the air to avoid accidents.

The presence of the agents of the Civil Guard Traffic Group on the roads will be complemented with the telematic means available to the DGT: 1,324 speed control points; 216 telephone and mobile control cameras; 11 drones and 3 of them with reporting capacity; and 15 camouflaged vans.

The DGT recalled that 487 people have died in traffic accident on the roads so far this year, which is why he has insisted that distractions, speeding, illegal overtaking, negligent driving, alcohol-drugs behind the wheel or the non-use of the seat belt, “are factors that can contribute to an accident or make it more lethal if it occurs”.


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