The device of a match in Argentina: pits and barbed wire | sports

The device of a match in Argentina: pits and barbed wire | sports

The first reactions in Argentina to a final of Libertadores Cup in Spain they were stupor, and not only because of what is an injustice for the partners (in this case River) who pay the social fee to see their team in their country. Many fans also asked themselves immediately how will Madrid do to organize an unusual show: attending a football match in Argentina is a very different custom from that of Spain.

The stadiums, not only those of River and Boca, are fortifications, with increasingly high barbed wire fences and pits to prevent spectators from jumping onto the field. In the few games in which spectators of the two teams are allowed, for example those of the Argentine Cup, in the stands should be left free spaces of 10 or more meters, called lungs, to divide the two fans. At the end of the game, one fan is dislodged first and the other must wait half an hour until the surroundings are evicted. The risk of shock outside the stadium is also latent.

An impossible postcard, in addition, is that the fans share the same sector of the stadium with shirts of different teams, even if it is a side plate with women and children. In fact, the fans do not cross even in the vicinity of the stadiums: the hobbies enter through different streets, as far as possible, and with wooden ramparts so that they can not even be seen. And they are not restrictions to avoid violence between the brave bars, but also between called normal fans.

To enter the Monumental, the stadium in whose vicinity last Saturday was attacked the bus with Boca players, the police makes three checkpoints. The final of the Cup was a game with only one supporter, the local, and did not reach either: in a terrible operation, of which there are still many unanswered questions, and 2,300 troops prevented several stones from breaking the glass of the bus.

This Wednesday, River and Gymnastics played in Mar del Plata in the Copa Argentina, so that the public of each team could occupy the stands of the Mundialista stadium. As both fans had to share route 2 for 400 kilometers, the police escorted minibuses with both hobbies. The highway was militarized: one fan and another should not get closer than 50 kilometers. It is literal: the fans of one team and another can not be seen.

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