The detection of car accidents through Google arrives in Spain

Stock image of the Google logo.

Stock image of the Google logo.

Google has announced the arrival in Spain of the function of car accident detection, a novelty available for Pixel phones along with short videos from astrophotography mode or the Google Photos Locked Folder.

Astrophotography mode was introduced in 2019 with Pixel 4 so that users could take pictures of the night sky with clarity. This function will be expanded with the possibility of creating videos of the stars in motion during the exposure time.

With this novelty, available from Pixel 4, when a user tries to do a picture of the stars, of the exposure time that it requires, a video can also be output, which will be saved on the mobile. The exposure time can be varied to create longer videos.

The function also comes to Pixel devices Google Photos 'Locked Folder', a password- or fingerprint-protected folder in which sensitive photos can be stored separately, such as a passport or family capture.

This function, advanced in the event Google I / O 2021, also comes to the Pixel, where users can save photos directly in this folder from the Camera. Once in it, the captures will not appear in shared albums, in Memories or in any other application on the device.

Arrival in Spain

Pixel phones' car accident detection, which calls emergency services automatically and shares the location in case of detecting that the user has had a serious accident, now reaches Spain, Ireland and Singapore for the Pixel 3 and higher devices.

This feature is found in the app Personal security. If it detects a traffic accident, it first checks the status of the user, and if there is no response, it is then when it makes an emergency call.

It is also available, within the application 'Digital Wellbeing', the 'Look Ahead' feature, whereby the Pixel phone can detect if the user is walking and offer periodic reminders to look up from the screen, and help avoid hitting a streetlight or crossing without looking before if a car comes.

More news

The company has also announced other new features for the Pixel, such as the ability to answer or reject a call with the Google Assistant. In addition, in Gboard Important information, such as a phone number, email address, or URL, appears as a suggestion on the clipboard to make cutting and pasting easier.

Call Screening, which helps prevent unwanted calls by answering unknown numbers to find out who is calling and why, is now available at Japan. While Tape recorder, the application that transcribes the audio to text, will be available for other dialects of English, such as those of Singapore, Australia, Ireland and Great Britain, on all Pixel 3 or later phones as of the end of July.

And as part of the Pride events that take place throughout the month of June, Pixel phones feature new wallpapers, with exclusive designs by Ashton Attzs, and ringtones and notifications created by other artists of the group. LGBTQ + and creators of Youtube.


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