The detainee after killing his half-sister for breaking the TV he took numerous stabs – La Provincia

Iván, the young man arrested last Saturday for the death of his stepsister in the house they both shared in Valencia, stabbed the victim after stabbing an argument between them when the woman -María del Valle, 44- , break the television in which his stepbrother was watching the game between Valencia CF and Atlético de Madrid in his room.

This has been pointed out by knowledgeable sources of the facts to this newspaper, who also indicated that days before Ivan and Valle had already starred in another strong discussion after the woman broke another television also while her stepbrother was watching her in the living room of the house.

The victim, as Levante-EMV said yesterday, suffered a diagnosed mental disorder while the alleged murderer had already been arrested last August for another alleged assault on his stepsister.

Ivan was arrested on Saturday afternoon after he communicated through 112 that he had ended his sister's life in a house located at number 29 on Ausiàs March de València Avenue. The 31-year-old man has remained in police units since then and is scheduled to go to court on Tuesday, legal sources have confirmed.

When he was arrested, Ivan confirmed to the agents that he had been the author of Valle's death, causing multiple injuries with a kitchen knife, but he also assured them that she had also tried to attack him with another knife.

During the day yesterday, the group of Homicides of the National Police was taking declaration to the neighbors and to the mother of Iván and Valle. The woman habitually resided on the floor where the event occurred, although several neighbors said on Saturday that several days ago she had left the house fed up with the strong arguments between her two children. The house, according to a neighbor, is owned by Ivan but his stepsister and mother moved years ago to live there with him.

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