The detained Argentine deputy of Parlasur Milagro Sala is transferred to her house

The detained Argentine deputy of Parlasur Milagro Sala is transferred to her house

Parlasur deputy and Kirchner social leader Milagro Sala was transferred to his home in San Salvador de Jujuy (north) to continue his pre-trial detention there and, in conversation with Efe, said the decision gives him "a little air" after have been "very isolated".

The Argentinean leader, who has been detained since 2016 for several pending cases, will wear an electronic wristband that will monitor her and affirm that she is "anxious" to have returned to her home, something that at the time was ordered by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation and by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (CorteIDH) and that a Jujeño Tribunal now made effective.

"I can not believe that I am in my house after two years and eleven months and I am really very nervous to be reunited with many loved ones after having been very isolated and far away," stressed the leader of the political and social organization Tupac Amaru.

Sala pointed to the governor of the province of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales (Unión Cívica Radical), as head of a government that says "who they have to imprison."

"The government of the province is the one that does and undoes at will, unfortunately that has been happening since he assumed the government of Gerardo Morales," he said.

Also, from the Committee for the Liberation of Milagro Sala added that the new judicial decision does not contemplate the "arbitrary restrictions" that an Argentine judge ordered in a previous occasion in which she was in house arrest, which implied surveillance measures of which she She complained.

After his transfer to the house where he lived most of his life, Sala was convinced that in 2019 there will be a political change in Argentina, which faces presidential elections in the last quarter of next year.

"Next year we will recover our homeland, we will continue fighting for freedom," Sala said.

The deputy of Parlasur criticized the number of trials that the Argentine Justice opened in a short time against her, which amounted to 17 "in less than two years."

Last Thursday, the indigenous policy was acquitted of a case in which it was charged for allegedly agreeing with a hitman the attempted murder of another person, in a case known as "The shooting of Azopardo", which took place in Jujuy in 2007 .

"One came saying that it had nothing to do with that cause that they put me in. I was never there," insisted Sala, who confessed that the events that have happened between Thursday and today have made her feel "a little bit calmer".

"Today I can say that I have a little air," he added.

The parliamentary deputy of Mercosur for the Kirchnerist Frente para la Victoria entered into prison in January 2016, when the Justice of Jujuy ordered her arrested for presumed instigation to the tumult during a protest against Governor Gerardo Morales.

The case raised the concern of the international community about the manner in which the social leader was arrested and even the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention of the United Nations requested in its day the Argentine State to release it.


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