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The detail about the first presidential debate on TV that does not go unnoticed

El detalle sobre el primer debate presidencial en TV que no pasa desapercibido

This week it has been known that the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, he has rejected the proposal of TVE to go to debate to four between the main parliamentary forces. He has said no to the public in favor of meeting five in Atresmedia, that is, in a private audiovisual group. And here the controversy.

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From the public corporate have described as "contempt" the rejection of the leader of the PSOE, denouncing that he has agreed to attend the "debate to five proposed by a private group of communication that includes the candidate of a party without parliamentary representation [Vox]" But, interestingly, if you go back to the history of television there is a detail that you can not ignore either.

From TVE qualify as "contempt"

It was the year 1993 when the first presidential debate took place on television. At that time there were two main political groups on the board of Parliament: PSOE and PP. Adolfo Suárez had always refused to hold meetings of this type and it was not until this year when a very young José María Aznar, applicant for the popular, and Felipe González, by that then president, gave the approval.

The place chosen for this curiously was Antena 3 and it took place on May 24, 1993. Its moderator was the journalist Manuel Campo Vidal, who later was president of the Television Academy.

The first presidential (face-to-face) debate was in a private

One of the curiosities of this meeting is that being the first one wanted to do well. The television language of this type of dialogue on American television was taken as an example and they got down to work. We wanted to make so measured that they came to negotiate the height of the chairs of each one.

In total, five blocks were agreed, grouping both national and international aspects, but in the end the crisis in the socialist bloc focused much of the time - the minutes were also negotiated. There were two ways of understanding the debate. Gonzalez did not prepare it, he thought it would be a mere rally. Aznar did it conscientiously, to the attack.

Everything was negotiated

The popular offensive was noticed even on camera, where the aggressiveness of his features did not go unnoticed. Although on certain televisions it was difficult to distinguish who was who, since the two presented themselves in a similar outfit: dark blue.

This today would be unthinkable because the candidates' costumes are measured in detail. Everything has to say something directly or indirectly, and this point is not a minor element. The next day 23 at Atresmedia The reason will be understood.

First televised debate in Spain.

First televised debate in Spain.

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