The desired "explosion"

It is difficult for SaoT ST to have a free space to take a call, so he prefers the mobile to ring and, if he can pick it up, he does. Carlos Cabrera, his first name, has spent more than two decades delving into the roots of music in the Canary Islands and his professional career is nurtured with more than 300 music videos that have made him travel outside and inside the Archipelago. Everything is local product: the professionals he has on his staff, the locations he uses and, of course, most of the artists he currently works with. The client portfolio includes Don Patricio, Quevedo, Nach, Locoplaya, Diego Ojeda, Marwan, Rayden, Maikel Delacalle, El Vega, and it goes on and on. When he founded his audiovisual production company, Chocolatex, there was a motto that haunted his dreams: Believe in your dreams. “I have been fighting for this for twenty years, and it is happening! After filming I said it: this is history in the music of the Canary Islands».

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